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Why True Freedom is the Most Important Pursuit


Is true freedom what you really want?

Subject: Why you should be seeking true freedom

All those self help books and enlightenment websites suggest creating a written list of what’s most important to you, to help flush out what you want to accomplish in your life.  Or to help find your purpose and happiness.

I’ve read a decent amount of those books, and spent mu fair share of time thinking about what’s most important to me.  But I’ve yet to really put it to paper.  As repetitive and – dare I say – tedious to read at this point they are, I can’t deny they hold some value.

I vaguely remember making a Facebook post asking my friends list which they valued most;  true freedom, happiness, or security.  To my delight and intrigue, the post garnered plenty of attention, with a variety of insights and opinions.  Each of the three options pulled many votes.  Different people went on to argue that their preferred choice really combined all three, or why their chosen desire made the most sense.

There’s no one right way to live life

This goes to show that there’s no one right way to go about being successful in life, in my opinion. Different people are chasing different goals and, and even a similar goal can be reached an alternative way.

I made that original post after some deep consideration that my deepest pursuit in life was true freedom.  Over the last number of years my life has radically changed as I decided to take up teaching ESL in China, as I’ve been working towards this freedom.  Maximum mobility to come and go as I please or live where I want.  Ever flowing finances to hold the keys to my future, true abundance of options,  the ability to say no – even to something good hopes of finding something great.  These four areas culminate in my idea of complete and true freedom, and why it is the most important goal to reach in my life.  And why I will sacrifice current happiness or security to acquire it.

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True freedom is living where you want, and doing what you want, when you want

If you’ve read much of this blog, or follow my Instagram account you’ll notice I enjoy quite a bit of travel.  The world is large, and packed with such diversity.  Each time I go somewhere new, even if it’s not that far away, my mindset and paradigms of life are shifted and shocked.  My mind is opened to new ideas, and simultaneously solidified in my true beliefs that make me who I am.  I don’t ever want to stop traveling, and I don’t ever want to be stuck in one place.  The freedom to move around.  

Seeking the freedom of geographical mobility, but also the flexibility of time. When I am teaching English in China, I typically work 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day.  I choose this.  Because of this, I can also choose to take a month off once or twice a year.  I don’t mind working hard, but I yearn for the choice being in my hands, not the hands of someone dangling a pay cheque in front of me.  This leads me to the next critical area of achieving freedom.. financial freedom.

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Finding true freedom through financial freedom

After the first few paragraphs in this article I debated whether it was actually security that is most important to me, as my obsession with reaching financial freedom is currently overtaking my desire for location and time freedom.  It’s true being financially secure enough to stop working for a pay cheque is certainly a form of security.  But is also provided a freedom  to pursue and actualize all the other freedoms I have and will discuss.  

Financial freedom that is coupled with time and location freedom must be in the form of owning assets.  Investments that grow or pay dividends, or businesses and produce and create.  This is what it means, and what you need to have any sort of meaningful financial freedom. 

Financial freedom that is coupled with time and location freedom must be in the form of owning assets.  Investments that grow or pay dividends, or businesses and produce and create.  This is what it means, and what you need to have any sort of meaningful financial freedom. 

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Abundance and options equal true freedom

Even the village idiot knows money is a sure key to multitudes of options.  But more than a fat wallet is required to ensure all areas of your life are never ending fountains of choice

The first, and most foundational way you can pick and choose amongst many options in life, is having a healthy and fit body.  This isn’t easy, it isn’t cheap and it isn’t available to 100% of people for various health, genetic or other miscellaneous reasons.  

Your body is your personal brand and resume

Regardless, it’s undeniable that your body and appearance are a big part of your first impression and personal resume.  We’ve been told not to judge others on looks or that body shaming isn’t liberal.  But if you pay any attention, it’s the beautiful people who seem to attract a lot of ‘luck’.  I am of the believe there’s not ugly and beautiful, but healthy and unhealthy.  So prioritize your health, and reap the benefits.

The next best way to ensure abundance of options is to learn important skills that make you valuable to others.  You’re only as good to people and the world around you, as what you can do for them.  Maybe sad, definitely true.  Become so good at your job by taking specialized education, you get head hunted daily for competing job offers.  Study new languages so you can date and connect in different parts of the world.  Learn a new hobby that can take you into new social circles and fill your calendar.  

Continuously learning new skills and improving old ones, ensures you’ll never be left empty handed in whatever areas of life you value.

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You get to know how to say no, with true freedom

This is kind of the culminating effect when you have the resources, the skills and the options.  You gain a confidence that allows you to say no.  The ability to pass up on good things because you know there’s better deals out there for a person of your quality.  
And do you know what this reduces?


True freedom reduces stress and mental weight.  They are beginning to say stress will kill you faster than anything else.  And I don’t think I need to comment on what negative mental health does to you. 

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Why freedom is the most important pursuit to chase.

For all those reasons; true freedom through financial independence.  Freedom to live where I want and how I want.  The freedom delivered through a variety of options. And the freedom to say no and reduce stress.  This is my ideal version of a truly free life.  I hope I’ve explain enough why you should chase freedom and try to set yourself up with plenty of it in your life.  

Cheers to the pursuit of true freedom. 

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