start your own website

Start Your Own Website!

Start your own website!

I want you to ask yourself an honest question.  Does flexibility, freedom, more money and opportunities sound like things you want more of in your life?  Then you need to build your own website.  People have been sharing their gifts and making money online for years now.  It’s not too late to get on this action yourself.  Get your own piece of online real estate and start sharing your thoughts, idea’s and gifts with the world through your own personal blog or website.

I would like to help you do this.

Over the next while I will be releasing a series of articles on how to turn your particular personality and skills into a thriving online business, or an online home base for where you can showcase your personal assets and human capital.

Your partner in ‘website building’ crime.

The articles I will be writing with include the following topics and more.  Read these articles you and get equipped to start your online journey.  Know it won’t happen overnight, but the minimum effective effort required is muuuuuch lower than any other business out there.  And the more you work at it, the more you will start to see a result.

**Links to articles in the pictures below**

Creating a website

The first article Why you should create your own website talks about some of the benefits that are derived from having some online real estate, this includes the financial gains and also some reasons that have to do with more than money.

Market niche

The second article How and why to find a market niche discusses how to structure the theme of your website and why its important.  This will set the stage for what is included in your website.   What will be sold on it and how a niche influences branding.

Set up your website

The third article How to set up a website yourself is a detailed account of how to acquire hosting, a domain name, setup WordPress and some essential plugins for your website and pages to include on the website.

Start writing

The fourth article Writing website content focuses on how you can strategically start writing and creating content for your website that will get it noticed.

Current articles in the series

Create your own website

How to choose a niche

writing website content

Articles coming soon!

How to earn money online

How you can increase website traffic



If you’re fired up to start and think you can figure it out yourself – I did and I’m no tech wiz whatsoever – you can jump right over to Web Hosting Hub  , pick a domain name and get started!  I’ve been using WebHostingHub for years, they have great prices, killer customer service and a large array of support and options.


Disclosure: links to some pages contain affiliate links.  This website will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase or sign up for any products or programs.  It won’t affect the price you pay, and even should provide a discount as opposed to retail pricing.  Thanks in advance!


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