You Should Listen to Audiobooks

May 24, 2017

Listen to books?  

You don’t listen to books, you read books!

Unless perhaps you’re indulging in some hallucinogens.. Then maybe you’re listening to books.

No, but seriously when I say listen to books, it’s not a spelling error and I’m not on drugs – Korea doesn’t have any.  


What I am talking about is listening to podcasts and specifically, audiobooks.


Welcome to the 21st century..

Ladies & gentlemen, it’s 2016 and reading books is so 2000.  I know, I know, you’re probably about to argue the nostalgy of sitting down in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or tea, and diving deep into a book for hours.  


Don’t get me wrong; been there, loved that.


How many books have you read this year, though?  When I look back I’m not too happy with how many books I’ve gone through this year.  Maybe 5 or 6?  And there’s less than 1 month left in this year – which seems crazy!  Time flies.


Last year I believe I closed off the year with 11 or 12 which was awesome.  But can you imagine completing 1 book a week or every 2 weeks?

Can you imagine the power and perspective you’d have from the knowledge base of 26 or 52 finished books, per year?!


I’m starting to get goose bumps even thinking about it.


Have you not read a book yet this year?  Do you not remember the last time you picked up a book?  I bet you can remember the last time you watched tv, or listened to music.



And what do we apathetic-first-worlders love?  Convenience.


I mean, opening a book everyday and reading doesn’t seem like a hard task, but it is an active one.  I assume that’s why so many people avoid reading.  If you and everyone you know reads, great.  You’re on the right path and kicking it with the right group.

But for the rest of us, let’s come to terms with our laziness and take advantage of the beauty of the internet, audiobooks.


I dig audiobooks because..

Quickly, I will tell you what turns my crank about audiobooks.  I will then offer you a few routes to acquiring them, allowing your ears and mind to consume.

Convenient.  Similar to podcasts, I can throw them on my phone and walk out the door.


No mass.  I brought 6 books with me to Korea, they were heavy and space consuming in the 1 suitcase I took to move my life to Korea for the year.  I can now hold 10, 20, 100 books in my pocket and bring them with me wherever I go.  The minimalist in me is buzzing.


Rate of consumption.  I am not the fastest reader.  Especially when I am reading a dense book, I sometimes need to read over sentences many times and it’s just so time consuming.  Whereas I can finish an audiobook in 9 hours of listening. I can be doing the mundane tasks that I do everyday such as cooking, eating and traveling to and from work on autopilot, all while listening to a book.

I generally am able to finish a 3 hour podcast in a day – The Joe Rogen Experience is my favorite these days.  So a 9 hour book I should be able to crush in 2-3 days.  Wow, thats lining me up for almost 2 books a week if I wanted.


Financially savvy.  In most cases, audiobooks cost a lot less than paperbacks.


Environmentally responsible.  I literally just thought of this.. BUT AUDIOBOOKS SAVE THE TREES.  And trees are dope.


Alright, I think you get the point.  Have you bought some audiobooks yet?  


Because maybe you don’t know where to find them.  Though I’m sure that’s an awful assumption.  If you found this article and blog, you can find an audiobook.  But here’s some great suggestions for you..

An Amazon company that’s been around for a few years now.  These guys have a cool promotion going on now where you can join for free for your first month and get TWO free audiobooks, and their app is pretty seamless.  You can buy audiobooks on amazon through them for a discount AND get one free book a month on a membership for less than $15/month.


A real benefit of Audible is they have a big selection of newer books, and you can listen to your audiobooks offline.  Which is huge in my opinion.


Thanks to the sharing economy of the internet, if you do a bit of digging you can generally find audiobooks free of charge.  A few website that offer free books are as follows.  The problem with these websites is the selection is lacking.  I’ve found usually more classics on these websites, but you’ll have to check for yourself.


Openculture – mostly classics and under 1000 titles


Project Gutenberg – a collection of ebooks and audiobooks, over 30,000 titles


LearnOutLoud – a large collection of paid and free audiobooks.


There you have it folks, a handful of selling points as to why audiobooks are the way of the future.  Audiobooks are a seriously great alternative to consuming the knowledge and pleasure of literature.

Plus I’ve included a surface scratch of some audiobook libraries & stores on the internet.


Sign up now for Audible FREE and get 2 FREE audiobooks.  Shit, cancel after 10 days and keep the books for free.


What are you waiting for?  Get read/listening!


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