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Start Writing Website Content That Grabs Kanye West and Donald Trump’s Attention


This is article on writing website content is the fourth article  in a series on starting your own website and why you should sell online.  

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If you’ve been following along with the series so far, hopefully you’ve decided to take the plunge and gotten yourself some online real estate and create your own website.  You have picked a niche, set up some key pages on your website and are ready to learn about writing website content and how it can generate traffic.


This article is more traffic generation focused, than it has to do with style or prose.  


How to write content that will generate organic website traffic


Honestly, the easy parts of choosing a website niche and starting your own website are done. Now you’ve got to start writing website content that people will find, want to read and hopefully use or benefit from.

That makes it sound kind of tedious doesn’t it?


It’s not!  Remember the niche you’ve picked is something you already know and find interesting, or that you are eager to research and learn more about.  Now you get to transform your ideas and thoughts into words for consumption and enjoyment.

Everyone has their own voice when it comes to writing, you just need to develop it if you are fairly new to writing.  You don’t need to be Stephen King or Burkowski to get the ball rolling, but there are some rules you need to abide by and strategies you need to apply if you want to see some success and have people actually find, stay and return to your website.



Writing website content that will drive traffic to your website


Here are a few tips on crafting your articles and posts in such a way that will get your literary product of blood sweat and tears noticed.



A DONALD TRUMP ADMINISTRATION attention grabbing headline


This is actually the most important part of any article you right.  


B-b-b-but isn’t quality content that is thoughtful and engaging the most important part?  


It’s important too, don’t get me wrong.  But without a worthy and clever headline no one will even click on your article to read what’s inside.  David Ogilvy, touted as the father of advertising says this about headlines:


On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.


How many times have you clicked an interesting sounding headline, skimmed the paragraphs down to the bottom then kicked rocks from that page?  You have zero chance of your content being read – and products or services being consumed – if you can’t even get your audience to click the headline/link to your post.



Increase website traffic by getting to the point, early


People have incredibly short attention spans.  And they also have a thirst to understand what is happening around them.  You need to establish early on what exactly will be happening in your article or what it’s about.  You may add a tasteful sentence or few in your opening paragraph.  Then quickly lead that into what will be covered in that article.  Even what people can expect to have gained from reading your article isn’t a bad idea.


Also you don’t want to ramble on.  If you’re getting repetitive and tedious people will dip quick.  


State your point, provide evidence or research, maybe a comical comment or two.  Then continue on into the next point or part.


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Thanks for reading.  Look back in the future on further ways to generate traffic for your website and different ways you can earn money online.

Onwards & upwards,


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