The Power of Writing It Down and Blogging

Start scribbling..

Obviously I’m a fan of writing.  I think I’ve always been.  Ever since high school and university, I always found essay assignments and paragraph questions on exams to be a breeze.  I feel like I’m better able to express myself through pen and paper – or fingers to keys – as opposed to spoken word.


Actually, thinking back now I know that to be true.  That’s why I joined Toastmasters years ago.  You’ve got to balance the strengths and weaknesses.  But I digress.


Besides the enjoyment I get from organizing my thoughts in somewhat clearer ideas, there are evident benefits to moving what’s bouncing around in your head into literature.  When I refer to writing things down, I mean writing a book, articles, blog posts, to-do lists, and whatever other forms of writing you can think of or imagine.


You see, there really is a power to writing your thoughts down.


Writing down your thoughts  allows you to remember and complete small daily tasks, aiding in productivity.  When you put your thoughts into written word it enables you to solidify your understanding of a given topic and expand on your knowledge in the subject.  Writing helps you visualize your ideas.  Daily writing is a form of habit building and can sharpen your discipline skills.  

Lastly, writing really allows you to share your own personal gifts to the world and possibly contribute in meaningful ways to people around the globe.


Click photo for details..


Celebrate the small wins..

Again, it’s obvious I blog.  But what you couldn’t know is that I am a huge proponent of writing daily ‘To do’ lists.  


Whenever I get to work I compile a shortlist of 3-5 things I should do that day, or that I need to attend to.  I sometimes also write down a list of things before I leave work to remind me of when I get to work the following day.


This is an especially supportive habit for when I sit down to write or work on this website.


I am so scatter brained that I can start on one thing, then I find myself way off on some random tangent.  First I’m writing about teaching ESL online or some other topic, next I’m looking at ways to dropship clothing.  How did I get there?  Not even I know.


So it keeps me on track.  


But more importantly, is that it allows me to be more productive.  And it allows me to build momentum by completing small tasks.  When you start winning, even if it’s small wins, it makes you want to keep going and keep making those small improvements.


The snowball effect is seriously powerful overtime.


Can you sum it up..?

It is said that you don’t truly understand something unless you can explain it to someone simply and easily.  A good test to checking your understand is to try writing about it.  It’ll save you the embarrassment of trying to explain it to someone if you don’t actually get what you’re trying to put down.


I find it real humbling to formulate thoughts on various subjects to find out that I don’t actually understand the subject as best I thought.  Then there’s the odd time where I surprise myself and am somewhat shocked at my peaking levels of intelligence.  Odd time, keyword.


Another fascinating experience of writing, is that it allows you to really expand on ideas.  Many times I will have an idea for a post or article, I begin writing and I end up somewhere I didn’t expect.  It either makes me research more on the topic, or create an almost completely different post than I had in mind.


It’s a very creatively stimulating process and experience.


See it, to believe it..

Sometimes you need help to visualize ideas you have.  Writing it down is another powerful tool for visualization.  This is especially helpful when you are making up business plans, creating processes or very large, complex ideas.


Having it all written down, in order, makes life much more bearable.


I can remember working on business plans or plans of action and being rather confused on what to do next.  Or you get caught up in so many tasks you forget the direction you should be moving in.  Having an overview of the major goals or endpoint is crucial.


Also, if you have major long term goals constantly visible, it serves as good motivation in those trying periods when moral might be low.


Good habit..

Making an effort to write daily, or write out all your plans – big or small, holds tremendous value not only because it helps you become more productive, expand on your thoughts and understanding, and visualize your goals.  But because it is exercise in discipline.


Discipline is arguably one of the most important factors in determining a successful individual.


I’m not claiming to be an extremely disciplined person.  Yet.  But I am working towards it.  And writing is one of the ways I am building my discipline.


Every time you work on forming a good habit, every time you sit down to write even when you don’t necessarily feel like it at first, you are building habits.  Habits become characteristics overtime.  Anything effortless was at one time a chore.  And every time we add a positive habit to our arsenal, we potentially weed out time that could be taken up with something less than ideal.  All these good habits build up over time, create momentum towards reaching our goals or becoming a form of successful.


Give what you’ve got..

I wrote in the past about how your value is determined by what you can do for others.  The more people you can impact, the more value you contain.  Using a blog for example, you have a platform that allows you the potential to reach millions – if not billions – of people.


Everyone is relatively good at something.  Everyone has the ability to get better at that something.  By blogging, you can expand your thoughts through writing and then harness that blog to deliver your knowledge and ideas to huge volumes of people.


One day, you might even get paid for it.  I believe I have written about the collateral benefits of blogging and writing previously.  If not, there’s probably millions of articles online outlining the pros.


I remember years ago reading in a magazine about relationship communication.  Some guy had written into a columnist asking why things were going shitty with his girlfriend.  I’m afraid I can’t recall the issues the couple were having.  But I do recall the columnist’s replying advice, and the advice ended with this quote:


“You can say all the right things, but if it’s in a language she doesn’t understand.  You might as well be speaking Mandarin.”


In this context, we can translate that to mean, you can be the best in the world and have the knowledge to cure cancer.. But if no one knows about it or you haven’t executed on it.. What good is it?


Get your message and gifts out to the world


In conclusion..

There is power in the written word.  Whether it’s writing down small daily tasks and getting the satisfaction of crossing them off as you finish them, and increasing your productivity.  Or you are writing down complex thoughts and ideas for a book, blog post or business plan.  Writing helps you visualize, build positive habits, and of course share your message to the world.


Even if you’ve only written monthly in a journal, every bit counts.


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