Why You Should Take More Photos


Take more photos…


I was just browsing through my photos history on Facebook.  

Pausing at each one to think back on the memory of the night or day it was taken.  Seeing the people I was with; old friends who I haven’t spoken to in years, some I talked to just yesterday.  Laughing at how young we were – how stupid in some cases.  I also wished I had learned to smile better for photos at a much younger age.  


I occasionally tagged people in a comment on certain photos so they could share the feels I am getting right now.  The nostalgia has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, I am literally smiling as I write this.  So many photos and memories I had completely forgotten about.


I used to be really bad for taking photos – and getting my photo taken.  


It just wasn’t a necessity for me.  I was content with getting people to send me pictures they had taken if we were at the same places or events and I wasn’t eager to jump in photos or have mine taken.

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Looking back at these memories I am grateful other people were smart enough to snap them when they did.


Over the last few months leading up to, and since arriving in Korea I’ve been much better for taking more photos.  Recently I was discussing with a good friend how important photos really are.  Each picture you take is creating history, and they allow you to relive moments – sometimes the best ones – in our lives.


I also just read an article preaching to take as many photos as possible as well.  Don’t worry about being ‘that person’ who’s always on their phone.  I mean, please do enjoy the surroundings with your own eyes and create mental memories, but absolutely take too many photos.


The Selfie Stick Complex…


Something I’ve realized since getting to South Korea and being on many adventures by myself, is the validity of the ‘Selfie Stick’.  I used to think those little gadgets were ridiculously silly.  Now, I couldn’t think further from that.  They allow you to capture great shots of yourself without making it look awkward, as it usually does when taking a selfie.  


Sure, there’s the argument of simply asking someone to snap a picture for you.  You aren’t always around a group of people to have someone take your picture, and how many times have you asked someone to take a photo for you and they do an awful job.


I will now take 15 photos in a row to get the right shot.  You can’t be asking a stranger for that many retakes.  Maybe you can, but don’t expect it to work – or have them walking away very happy.


I love capturing the moment these days.  Similar to writing, it allows me the ability to share my life with others.  I can’t wait to look back on the photos I am taking now.


I also can’t wait to get a Selfie Stick!


Keep snapping, folks!  Your future selves will thank you.


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