Why I Save and Invest

June 20, 2018

What’s your why?..

I’ve had many sales jobs.  At the beginning of any career they tell you to decide on a ‘why’.  They tell you to do this because point blank they will also tell you, your job is going to fucking suck some days.  A lot of days if you’re good at what you do.

So you need a ‘why’ to carry you through the bad times.  Having some shitty secretary scream you out of office buildings and businesses begins to wear you down.  Missing sales targets takes a toll on your ego, wellbeing, and your wallet.  Making multiple sales a day is exhausting.  I sold 3 cars one Saturday.. Absolute gongshow.


So you’ve gotta’ have something to push you through.  They suggest having pictures of your why at your office or in your car if you’re a outside guy.  Most say a picture of your dream house, your dream car, some sexy vacation spot.  But in a lot of cases those guys just want you to spend big so you are in debt and motivated to work more – making them money.


The best bosses and motivators are the guys who tell you to have a why bigger than money and material goods.  They get it, those guys.


I’ll admit in my younger years I wanted the huge house and rockstar car.  Who wouldn’t.  The friends and women that are associated with that.  Shit.


I’ve had tastes of the good life, the material possessions.  It feels good.  At first at least.  Eventually it just becomes the norm and begins to feel empty.


Over the last year or two, I’ve discovered my real why.


Why I do what I do..

I won’t lie, I’m grinding and saving and investing and learning all for more cash.  When most people hear that, they get to saying ‘money doesn’t buy happiness, blah blah blah’.


They are right, and wrong.


Money doesn’t buy happiness.  But money can buy freedom, power, and make life hell of a lot more efficient.  It’s really not about the money, it’s about the level and lifestyle big cash allows you to play at.


After much introspection and consideration on the subject, I’ve narrowed my elevator pitch ‘Why’ to the following:


“I aggressively save and invest not so I can buy a fancy car and big house.  But so I can tell people to fuck off and suck a chub, whenever I feel like it.”


Yeah, it’s full of bravado and for effect.  Did it work?


I’ll expand so you can truly enter into my track of thought.  I want to buy my freedom.  The ability to do as I please, when I please is what I yearn for.  I don’t want to be controlled by other people, or debt or possession.  Taking orders at a job is something I despise.  I hate dealing with people who are inefficient fucks.  I dislike having to bite my tongue.  Freedom, mobility, power over situations sounds like real attractive concepts.  


Sure you can reach that if you’re broke and just live care free like a hippy.  But your options are limited, and insurance is nonexistent.  Being stuck in paradise without being able to pay for a plane ticket anywhere else begins to sound differing to freedom.


What’s the point?..

Why do you need super expensive things?  The buzz wears off quickly.  I’ve had nicer, newer cars.  After a while, it’s whatever.  Yeah people look at you a little differently.  But why do you even care what people think of you?  To get an attractive significant other?


First off, you don’t want a longterm partner who’s with you for the money.  If it’s a short term endeavor you’re after..


Do you know what’s cheaper than a $125,000 Mercedes Benz?  A $400/hr woman.


Jokes aside, I like nice things.  Everyone does.  But they are just a burden.  When you have the nice car, you’re constantly worried about what’s going to happen to it.  

Ever lost a pair of $300 sunglasses?  It sucks.


Don’t get me started on owning a huge home.  Sure it’s fun to entertain, but the time burden of maintenance and upkeep required for that.  Shit, that’s not even taking into account the financial burdens.


Do you really need 12 pairs of jeans, and 20 pairs of shoes?  Sounds like more of a headache and logistical storage nightmare than anything.


Driving it home..

Again, the Benz, the house, threads, etc etc.  It’s all lovely.  

But is it more important than waking up when you want?  Is a car more important than spending your days how you want?  Do granite countertops take precedence over calling your own shots?  Are possessions more enduring than freedom?

For me it’s not.

I’d rather have a Honda & and be generous with my middle finger.  The idea of that makes me happy.

The sooner the better!


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  • Ben

    Hi Colby,

    You are right on your approach. We save because we want to earn the freedom to say no to things we disagree.


    • Colby

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Ben. Awesome to connect with fellow FIRE folks. Best of luck in your journey to financial freedom!

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