Weak and Powerless

Weak and Powerless


As I had written earlier, a few weeks ago I spent some time on  Jeju Island.   On the first night after swimming in the ocean, downing bottles of Soju and rocking a Noreabong (Korean Karaoke joint) we passed a convenience store and large patio filled with people.


In Korea convenience stores can apparently double as lounges where people hangout and drink.


I started talking with some English fellows and had to ask their opinion on Brexit.  They were very for it, interestingly.  Their reasons being, they felt the UK being apart of the EU didn’t benefit them.  That their leaders were so far disconnected from them. They would rather be detached so that their leaders were in more direct contact with them to deal with the welfare of the people.


Most interestingly they were extremely indifferent to how it affected the economy. This completely puzzled me.


How can you increase the welfare of your people if you don’t have the financial means to do so and the opportunity for people to grow their wealth?

We went further into discussing equal opportunity for the rich and the poor and who should be in charge of countries.


Now these boys were very disclosing of the fact they came from the ‘working class’.  They weren’t born with any silver spoon in their mouths.  I too come from a working class family.  Though I won’t hide I had advantages growing up that may be considered unfair to some, I suppose.  Half my university paid for and my parents matched what cash reserves I could build up to buy my first car.


I agreed it’s unfair that the elite clubs of people continue to have unfair advantage to succeed.  That opportunity should indeed be equal, leading to successes being earned on intelligent and hard work.  But I also divulged that I’m realistic in the fact life isn’t fair and unfair advantage exists.  Maybe it was the alcohol at this point, but those lads got real heated when I mentioned that.


All I could think was; grow up, open your eyes.


Next they went on to condemn capitalism in favor of socialism.  My position is that capitalism creates an environment for advancement of society and allows those who wish it to grow their wealth taking them to a position to actually make meaningful impact, should they desire to do so.   I am of full belief you should certainly use your spoils of success and wealth to make a positive impact in the world around you.  

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Their final message before we abruptly parted ways, was that because they care about people in theory makes them a better person than someone who amasses a fortune – and then uses to make a tangible difference.


As a  last resort, I walked out into the street, grabbing everyone’s attention and screaming “I care, I care, I care”!  I pointed out that just because I say I care, doesn’t actually mean much – except make people feel good, maybe – unless I do something tangible to create an impact.  I then walked away in bewilderment of their ignorance.


So often you hear people complaining about the system.  How it’s unfair and needs to change.  Yeah, the system is unfair.  One side has a lot of rules leveraged in their favor, and the other side not so much.  Generally It’s not easy to get and stay on the winning side.  Depending what kind of life you’re born into, it can be nearly impossible to get into the wealthy percentage of the world.


Complaining about things that won’t change in the foreseeable future won’t do much.  Sure, Socialism at a basic level sounds nice – the idea of being taken care of and free to pursue your passions that might benefit society without having to consider how much money you’ll make – but it isn’t coming to fruition anytime soon.  


What will have an impact; is action.


Instead of complaining about what isn’t fair & sounding so weak and powerless, make an effort to join the winning side.  Then if you still think it isn’t fair, at least you have the means to do something about it.


Am I the ignorant fool?  Let me know



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