investing guide

The Simple & Straightforward Investing Guide

investing guide

It’s time to get in control of your financial future

Are you tired of being in debt and living pay check to pay check?  Looking for a way to get ahead and make additional income?  Is retirement and your future ever something that crosses your mind?

Have you wanted to start investing, but just have no idea where to start?

Maybe you’ve never thought about investing your money, or you are under the assumption you will lose all your money, like gambling.  Perhaps you are already investing your money.  In archaic products such as mutual funds, being drained by salespeople who prey on your lack of knowledge.

Many of my friends and family members feel the same way.  Some have become interested in making better decisions with their money, and building wealth.  But they aren’t too sure where to start.  Others simply don’t know about the power of compound interest and how simple investing truly is.  I personally know many people still paying 2.5% for mutual funds when there are options available that deliver the same result but cost a mere fraction.

These reasons and more compelled me to put together..


The Simple & Straightforward Investing Guide:

for people who don’t care about investing.

investing guide

Over the last handful of years I have become obsessed with personal finance.  I have devoured books and all the information I can online. I have compared and tested multiple styles of investing.  Made a few mistakes along the way but have ultimately reached a place where I am financially secure.

Now that I have become financially independent, I am able to break down and simplify all this information that I am so passionate about, for the people I care about.  This investing guide was specifically written for my parents, my sister and my best friends.  I don’t want anyone I know to ever have money problems.  I want for them not just to survive, but to thrive.  And I want all people to get the most from their money; to avoiding paying hefty and unnecessary commissions.

Within these +20 pages you will find the easy answers to many questions you may have had, and some you weren’t aware of.


This guide will lay out in simple terms:

  • Step by step process to set up an investment account today.
  • How to store your investments for the long term
  • Which funds to buy, and how much of each you need at different stages in your life
  • That you don’t need to already have a million dollars to start investing today.
  • Actionable plan to reach financial freedom from just a few hundred dollars a month

You will learn how incredibly simple and easy it is to get started and how you can set up your investing so you don’t ever have to even think about it.

It will also show you why you don’t need to pay someone in a fancy suit and convertible car heaps of money to make money yourself.  This alone could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Best of all, this straightforward information is application to all people.  Whether you can invest $100 a month or $10,000. Whether you have never invested before, or if you have been getting leeched for 10-20 years via mutual funds.

Everyone can benefit from this simple & straightforward investing guide.  Don’t take my word for it.  See what people who have read it are saying!


“The simple & straightforward investing guide neatly outlines how to get started reducing unwanted fees and maximizing long-term investment returns. It is refreshing to have an investment guide that is easy to follow and that allows me to handle my investments without requiring me to lose focus on what I am an expert on. My own business. “

Mitch R. – Business owner

“Colby provides what always seems to be missing – an unbiased, impartial look into creating the financial life you’ve always been told that you couldn’t have. Forgo this read at your own peril.”

Josh O. – Financial Adviser & CEO

“Colby has put together a practical and simple to follow primer that should help anyone get into investing with a sound long-term strategy.”

Michael G. – CPA Accountant & Entrepreneur


investing guide       


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