The Environment to Grow

May 24, 2017

The Environment to Grow…


Today with one of my kindergarten classes we were talking about gardens.  I was showing them a video suggesting that gardens need three main elements to prosper.  They need sunlight, they need water and they need bees to help pollinate the plants.

Without these specific conditions, plants will not grow.


Plants are living entities, just like people.  This got me thinking about myself and my environment


Since I’ve come to South Korea, I’ve been able to start blogging again – this isn’t my first blog, nor my first time consistently writing.  I’m writing non-stop, as well as reading and researching more than usual as well.


I’ve become more consistent with my eating and gym routines as well.  I feel like I’m on track to be in the best shape of my life.


Overall, I believe I’m more productive than ever before since coming to South Korea.  Why?  Maybe it’s the lack of fluoride in the water..   Jokes.  I’m no conspiracy theorist


I changed my environment…


Just as plants need certain conditions to thrive, so do people.

I believe a few conditions that have allowed me to ramp up my game include the following:


Solidarity: This probably could have come about from moving into an apartment by myself back in my home city.  But being in a country where I know very little people and that is foreign to me has allowed me to spend more time with myself.  And with less distraction.  I’ve got a lot more solo time on my hands.  With time to introspect, I am able to understand how I need to be spending my time.

And despite how I feel sometimes, it’s not binge watching Netflix each night. 


Support Network:  Teamwork makes the dream work.  Luckily, despite being on my own out here I have a great group of friends I stay in contact with frequently.  My family is loving and concerned, we also speak very often.  On top of that I have a network of like-minded individuals I can reach out to whenever I have questions or want to bounce ideas off.

You can’t take on the world, on your own.


The Unknown:  Going back to being in a foreign land.  As I have mentioned before, in a country where you don’t speak the language and know the customs or systems, even small tasks become large obstacles.  This pushes you to grow as a person at a quicker pace.

I don’t know much out here.  So out of necessity for survival I can’t be procrastinating on issues.  Growth, growth, growth!


Fresh Stimulus:  Do you know that feeling of getting into a rut, or hitting a plateau?  It’s inevitable if you’re doing the same old thing, in the same old place.  I’m a firm believer that switching things up, whether it’s your environment or daily activities, is necessary to stay on top of your game and progressing.

A great way to do this that doesn’t involve a plane ticket across the world or swapping jobs, is to read or listen to podcasts.

I always feel stoked when I read or listen to informative podcasts.  Korea is a pretty damn stimulating place, too.


Challenge:  Can you believe this isn’t first on the list?  You ain’t growing if you aren’t challenged.  That’s just the basics.  You’ve got to make discomfort your living room. Embrace diversity and the opportunity to challenge yourself.

It’s going to hurt, you’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay.  That’s how we learn.

I find it a real shame when either I, myself, or someone else isn’t taking a chance because we’re afraid to make a mistake.  Mistakes are beautiful.  The more you fail the closer you are to getting what you want.


We, as people need to start romanticizing mistake making.


Teaching has challenged me.  Building relationships with these children, trying to decipher how each individual child learns best and then working that together to get them to understand what I’m laying down is definitely a challenge.


Bottom line…


We don’t expect plants to grow in the barren desert because conditions aren’t right for them there.  Likewise, we can’t expect to become people of substance if we don’t cultivate the appropriate environment for personal growth to take place.

Spinning tires in your comfort zone ain’t gonna’ cut it.


Shake & bake, baby


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