Start Writing Website Content That Grabs Kanye West and Donald Trump’s Attention

This is article on writing website content is the fourth article  in a series on starting your own website and why you should sell online.  

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If you’ve been following along with the series so far, hopefully you’ve decided to take the plunge and gotten yourself some online real estate and create your own website.  You have picked a niche, set up some key pages on your website and are ready to learn about writing website content and how it can generate traffic.


This article is more traffic generation focused, than it has to do with style or prose.  


How to write content that will generate organic website traffic


Honestly, the easy parts of choosing a website niche and starting your own website are done. Now you’ve got to start writing website content that people will find, want to read and hopefully use or benefit from.

That makes it sound kind of tedious doesn’t it?


It’s not!  Remember the niche you’ve picked is something you already know and find interesting, or that you are eager to research and learn more about.  Now you get to transform your ideas and thoughts into words for consumption and enjoyment.


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The Power of Writing It Down and Blogging

Start scribbling & writing..

Obviously I’m a fan of writing.  I think I’ve always been.  Ever since high school and university, I always found essay assignments and paragraph questions on exams to be a breeze.  I feel like I’m better able to express myself through pen and paper – or fingers to keys – as opposed to spoken word.


Actually, thinking back now I know that to be true.  That’s why I joined Toastmasters years ago.  You’ve got to balance the strengths and weaknesses.  But I digress.


Besides the enjoyment I get from organizing my thoughts in somewhat clearer ideas, there are evident benefits to moving what’s bouncing around in your head into literature.  When I refer to writing things down, I mean writing a book, articles, blog posts, to-do lists, and whatever other forms of writing you can think of or imagine.

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