An easy-to-read introduction on how to use a RRSP and TFSA

What is a TFSA and RRSP?

They say there are only two things guaranteed in this life; Death & Taxes.  The older I get the more truth I see in that little pessimistic jingle. I’ve always been one to question the standard.  Because what if there’s a better or more efficient way of going about things.


You can’t avoid death, you can ward it off a bit longer and make the journey towards it more enjoyable by eating healthy, practicing discipline and making positive life decisions.


As for taxes, you may not be able to completely avoid or ward them off either, but you can certainly make strategic moves to reduce the amount you pay.  

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4 Canadian Marijuana Stocks to Keep Your Eye On in 2018

Canada legalizes recreational marijuana in 2018

Legalization of recreational marijuana use is penned for July 2018 in Canada, naturally marijuana has been a hot topic around the country – and the world –  lately.  For the last few years stocks of Medical marijuana companies have been on fire.  And they aren’t showing signs of slowing down.


The mere promise of legalization.  The ever changing landscape of regulations.  And many companies still proving to show profitability makes this a risky industry to be investing in.  As an array of companies flood into the space, it’s hard to know which stock to put your hard earned dollars into.  With many realizing 100% gains over the last year, it is certainly not an industry you want to be overlooking.

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The Problem with Cars and Debt and Monthly Payments

Monthly payments, Cars and Debt..

I was recently updating my resume.  Looking at the jobs I held previous to teaching  in South Korea .  My most recent ex-job was selling cars.  A Korean brand, ironically.


If you’ve bought a car in the last few years, chances are it was fairly new and probably financed.  I should know, since 90% of the deals that went through my dealership were financed.


Coming from a family that very rarely bought things on credit and shunned debt, I found it rather peculiar for so many people to sign on for the better part of a decade worth of monthly payments.  

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