Why I Will Never Worry About Money Again

Day dreaming of money..

I was laying in bed on Sunday morning, doing utterly nothing but sitting there and looking out the window on the sunny day I would not be taking part in due to a hangover and recovering broken ankle.  I don’t know if it’s Korea or I’m just getting older, but the hangovers are horrendous these days.

Anyway, I checked my wallet to see the damage, how much money I had spent the previous night.  



I had managed to have a great night out on only $25.  Cheap drinks at the bars, and even cheaper from the convenience stores.  You can drink freely in public in this wondrous land.

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The US supplementation industry is estimated at 37 billion for 2016

So there’s a lot of money on the line, and a lot of cash to fuel the marketing machine.  Meaning a large percentage is spent on ensuring consumers continue and increase buying.

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