Exploring Hong Kong: A City of Lights & Sights

Tuesday: I’m going to Hong Kong

The adventure to Hong Kong began with a 9pm bus ride from Gwangju to Incheon.  Incheon is a smaller city not far from Seoul.  The international airport;  Incheon International Airport is just outside the city.


Now you might not think there is a difference of busing to Incheon itself and the Incheon International Airport, but there is.  Tickets were sold out so far in advance directly to the airport, that I had to bus to Incheon the city and then cab to the airport – a $40 ride on top of my $30 bus ticket.


I began to gather it wouldn’t be a cheap trip.


Now choosing the 4am flight to save some bucks and only being in Hong Kong for a few days, I knew ahead of time sleep would be put on the back burner this trip.  As expected, when we touched down in Hong Kong around 8am, we got directly into sightseeing.

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