One Thought From My One Year Anniversary in South Korea

One Year Anniversary in South Korea

Today marks my one year anniversary in South Korea.  As I write this I’m on a bus back to my home home city, Gwangju from another city a few hours away I visited for the night with some friends.


It’s awesome you can bus across the country in less than 6 hours.  Most places worth venturing are 3 to 4 hours away max.  I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the buses here.  Sometimes they seem to drag on, other time they give me moments to pause and appreciate the country and get into my head to think.


It’s a rainy day, as is usual in the summer here.  But the mountains are covered in luscious green that is especially blooming today from the recent rain.  There’s also a thick fog between the mountains where in most cases you can’t see the summits.


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How To Go With The flow and Make The Best Of The Situation

Life flows how it wants..

The worst part about vacations – aside from the tedious relaxation, and the horrid, utter lack of commitment or responsibility leaning on you – is coming back to real life and going back to work.  I experienced this again first hand this past week.  I had a bunch of days off last week and went to Busan.  South Korea’s second largest city on the coast.  Sexy beach city.  Think Miami.  Maybe at least.. I’ve never been to Miami.


It was a real eye opener and reminded to focus on building my own future and working for myself.  Both the time off in the beach town and some occurrences in the week following.

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How to Survive as an ESL Teacher When You’re Not a Teacher

A lifestyle hack..

So, you’re telling me they pay for your flights there, and back.  They give you an apartment, pay you handsomely.. All for playing with some kids?


Sort of.


Years ago when I was first introduced to the idea of teaching English As a Second Language [ESL], I saw it as a bit of a life hack to be honest.  Live abroad, get taken care of financially, all for some minor work.  It seemed too good to be true.  Thinking back on this, I can’t believe it took so long for me to finally take the plunge.


I also remember thinking, despite hearing that it’s not an intensive job, I’m not a teacher.  By any stretch of the imagination.

Yet years later, and no further formal education training.. Here I am.

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Never Stop: Teachings from The Martian

Movie night..

So I’m listening to a motivational video at the gym the other day, and a clip from ‘The Martian’ comes on.  I remember it took me a while to actually see that film.  I think I had some sort of ill feelings held towards Matt Damon from his part in ‘Interstellar’.  Another amazing movie, by the way.

Anyway, I remember the night I did finally watch it.  It was a weeknight and it kept me up way too late.  I couldn’t help it.  There was no way I wasn’t finishing the movie, that night.  

The acting was pretty good and the film had a decent story line.  But what I couldn’t get over was the perseverance of Matt Damon’s character, and his ability to take risks.

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Remove Yourself from Outcomes and Break the Chains of Expectation

Outcomes & Expectation..

Don’t you just hate when shit doesn’t go your way?  How dare that nobody HR recruiter hire someone else for your dream job.  The audacity of your ex to fall out of love with you and meet someone new.  Who wouldn’t want want to buy the product you designed.  Why did MY flight need to get delayed.  You get the picture..


It doesn’t require much life experience to realize that sometimes life doesn’t roll out as you expected or had planned for.  When you think about it, it’s almost funny that this still upsets us.  Generally it comes with age and wisdom to accept that a lot of what happens to us is outside of our control.  The ability to continue moving forward without much affliction however, is a skill that must be cultivated.  

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