Why I Will Never Worry About Money Again

Sunday dreaming..

I was laying in bed on Sunday morning, doing utterly nothing but sitting there and looking out the window on the sunny day I would not be taking part in due to a hangover and recovering broken ankle.  I don’t know if it’s Korea or I’m just getting older, but the hangovers are horrendous these days.

Anyway, I checked my wallet to see the damage from the previous night.  



I had managed to have a great night out on only $25.  Cheap drinks at the bars, and even cheaper from the convenience stores.  You can drink freely in public in this wondrous land.

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Why I Save and Invest

What’s your why?..

I’ve had many sales jobs.  At the beginning of any career they tell you to decide on a ‘why’.  They tell you to do this because point blank they will also tell you, your job is going to fucking suck some days.  A lot of days if you’re good at what you do.


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How to Build Your Investment Portfolio

How to build your investment portfolio..

Over the last few year’s I’ve become totally obsessed with investing.  Having your money making you more money.. What a concept!  As you’ll read, I mention I only wish I would have found it interesting years earlier..  How much farther I would be.  No point cry over spilt milk though.


The reason it took me as long as it did to get into was because all of it seemed like hieroglyphics.  To be honest, it is a little dull and confusing at first, but once you get a bit of a handle on the ideas, it’s fairly simple.  It’s much simpler than the mutual fund ‘experts’ make it appear.

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All You Need Are Market Indexes and a Gun

Risk factor..


“But isn’t investing in the stock market risky?”


It’s only a matter of minutes before this comes out of the mouth of whomever I’m speaking about investing with, that’s around my age.  Millennials, I tell you..


It’s ironic that due to their fear of losing money, their case-resting remarks are that they’re going to just leave their money in the bank.  Then probably buy a house.


I’ve explored how over a number of years purchasing and owning a home is more most costly than buying into the stock market.  I’ve also pointed occasionally due to basic math that holding money in your bank account bares a huge opportunity cost.  Interest earned on a GIC is around 1-2%, inflation averages around 3% – it’s suggested it’s actually decently higher – and a total market index averages a 7% return.  Do the math.

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Why True Investing is Boring

Investing is boring..

At least it should be.  True investing is the deployment of your cash into income producing assets.  Investing is not buying up the stock of a particular company because it seems trendy.  Nor is it hopping on the bandwagon and buying because ‘everyone else is’.


That’s speculation.  Not investing.


The pursuit of wealth creation should be based on true investing.  Which is inherently boring, and long term.  There is a time and place for speculation in the financial world.  But it should only taken upon knowing full well what it is, and under particular conditions.  There is a reason speculation is flashy while investing is really rather simple, dull and less spoken about.

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