Don’t Be Afraid To Suck

The benefits of trying new things


Subject: Don’t be afraid to suck.

I’m a big fan of trying new things.  There’s really so many benefits to sow from dipping your toes into something different.  You meet new people along with these new activities, a wide array of skills make you more interesting and continuous learning is healthy.


Considering those profits, you’d wonder how so many people seem get stuck in ruts and never appear to change.  Well the problem with learning new things, is that you need to start at square one.  Usually, that means sucking at whatever the action in question is.  


For many, this is a huge blow to the ego.  And it becomes larger and larger the older we get.  Ever hear the phrase ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’?  Well you can, but the old hound dog has to be willing to swallow their ego and embrace instruction and criticism.  They mustn’t be afraid to suck.

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Why You Don’t Need Motivation. You Need Discipline.

A lack of motivation, or discipline?..

Thoughts on discipline

A few weekends ago I ditched the city and headed to one of the most southern points of the Korean peninsula, to a secluded beach with some friends.  It was the first swim and beach day of the year for most of us.  Needless to say we may have overdone it a little.  Drinks were had.



This following week was real slow for me.  I can’t pinpoint whether it was a multi-day hangover that I haven’t had in awhile or just one of those off-times that come now and again.  One of those periods where you just don’t have any motivation,  aren’t overly positive, and feel overall lazy, careless and indifferent.


I’ve lived long enough to know this low points do come – and they soon leave.  They usually follow periods of high performance or productivity, so I don’t overly mind the lack of output that comes with these low points.

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How Options Lead to Happiness & Abundance Mindset

Options prologue..

A while back now I dabbled around with polyamory, it ultimately lead to me discovering I was operating from a scarcity mindset in a few of the domains of my life.   I’ve since realized polyamory regarding a serious or long term relationship isn’t for me – nor would it be for any other self respecting man with options, in my opinion.  But I’m happy to have explored it because the experience and insights were more than worth it.  


I’ve been reading a lot of Rollo Tomassi’s work lately.  One quote in a particular article really stuck out to me:

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Broken Bones & My Korean Surgery Experience Overseas

Badluck Chuck..

Back during the preparation period, prior to arriving in South Korea I had a conversation with my extensively traveled sister.  She suggested I look into travel insurance.  Of the million things on my brain, travel insurance was low on my priority list.  I attribute this to never of had a major surgery.  Plus, I had 50% coverage through my contract.


What proceeds is evidence that travel insurance should always be one of a traveler’s main priorities.


A few weeks ago while having a night on the town I was unfortunate enough to slip on some ice while walking that lead to breaking my ankle.  Fractured Fibula & sprain on some ligaments of the inner part of my ankle was the result.

I required surgery, so will divulge what to expect in terms of experience and costs.  I’ll also discuss some tips if you ever find yourself in a similar situation and how my school handled it.

**Dollar examples used are all rough estimations in CAD**

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How to Balance your Goals & Fear

Confliction of goals & fear..

I feel I’ve always lived a conflicting life.  Perhaps that’s just what comes with the territory of having diverse interests.  Whether it’s my rubber arm when it comes to the party life – and then overdoing it – but also wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  Or the fact my teenage wardrobe consisted of Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce and Gabbana beside Metal and Punk Rock band tees.  I feel I’ve always been on the extreme ends of the spectrum.  Ain’t no in between.


As a young, but-getting-to-that-age adult – or at least that’s the way I see it – I’m less concerned with a Slayer or designer shirt, and more conflicted over the direction of my future.

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