Diversification is Your Key to Long Term Wealth

Why you need diversification.

Upon beginning this blog and in the initial stages of my exploration into the world of investment I thought I could succeed based on a minimalistic and single stepped approach. In stocks.  I knew enough about diversification to stick to mainly market index funds and held entire countries or industries in a fund.  I calculated contributions, previous returns and time to reach a naive conclusion that all would be fine if I stuck to a cookie cutter plan.  Simplicity, time and consistency would do the heavy lifting.


What I didn’t really account for, or didn’t take into consideration was the ever changing landscape of the world, the markets and economies.  Highly unlikely circumstances, such as what if the countries, industries and even type of investment I was putting my whole net worth in and betting on became obsolete, lost their dominance or experienced decades of downturn.

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Start Writing Website Content That Grabs Kanye West and Donald Trump’s Attention

This is article on writing website content is the fourth article  in a series on starting your own website and why you should sell online.  

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Look for posts in the future on:

  • Different ways to earn money online
  • More secrets to increase website traffic

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If you’ve been following along with the series so far, hopefully you’ve decided to take the plunge and gotten yourself some online real estate and create your own website.  You have picked a niche, set up some key pages on your website and are ready to learn about writing website content and how it can generate traffic.


This article is more traffic generation focused, than it has to do with style or prose.  


How to write content that will generate organic website traffic


Honestly, the easy parts of choosing a website niche and starting your own website are done. Now you’ve got to start writing website content that people will find, want to read and hopefully use or benefit from.

That makes it sound kind of tedious doesn’t it?


It’s not!  Remember the niche you’ve picked is something you already know and find interesting, or that you are eager to research and learn more about.  Now you get to transform your ideas and thoughts into words for consumption and enjoyment.


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How To Setup A Website By Yourself

How to setup a website!

This is the third article in a series on  starting your own website  and why you should create a website or blog, and sell online.  

Read the first two articles if you haven’t already

In this article I will by discussing how to setup a website.  This will include choosing a domain, purchasing hosting, throwing together WordPress and some important plugins to make your website or blog functional and user friendly.

Look for posts in the future on:

Choosing a domain name

No stress, but this tiny little aspect of your website or blog is very important.  It’s how people will find you, and remember you.  Likewise, if you choose incorrectly you can miss organic traffic, lose people to similar named sites and turn people off.

Those are just some necessary precautions on making a choice.  Don’t overthink it – maybe hard now after those warnings – and let a silly name get in the way of building your site.  A good name executed is better than a great name procrastinated upon, every time.

A few tips to remember when making your choice on a domain name:


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