5 Painful Truths On Why You Can’t Save Money

Why can’t I save any money?

I’ve found over the years showing your true colors and being painfully blunt usually isn’t the best strategy.  People either lock up defensively when you come at them with the raw truth, or the honest reality is too painful to hear that they create and hold on to illusions rather than face the truth.  It’s easier for myself, and generally more effective to get the point across to sugarcoat truths and tailor the message for the audience.


Sometimes though, tough love is the best remedy.

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5 Reason I Love Teaching ESL In China

Should I teach ESL?

Sometimes I think to myself “I can’t believe I’m teaching ESL to children for a living”.  Growing up, never one did I ever consider becoming a teacher. Yet here I am. Last year at this time, during my first year as an ESL teacher in South Korea there’s also no chance I ever imagined I would now be teaching ESL in China.


Yet, here I am.

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What Defines Great and Successful Men?

What makes a good man?


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to deal with some great and success men.  From my father, to multimillionaires in their 20’s and owners of empires. It usually becomes apparent quicker than not in interaction, that you get the sense you are dealing with a man of high caliber.  


Often times there are typical status symbols of a great or successful man; they have a successful business, they’ve reached an expert level or high status within their chosen career.  Maybe they have the flashy material items that can just come along with greatness and success.


But that’s usually not the only thing.  High status, a profitable business, and toys are just byproducts of what come from the characteristicsingredients, if you will – of great and successful men.  They aren’t great and successful because of the cars and top jobs or businesses.  They have those things because of a few characteristics.

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Prepare for the worst when traveling: Why you need travel insurance.

Do I need travel insurance?


Travel is a beautiful experience.  I love exploring new places and drinking in new cultures. Despite how enriching it is, less than desirable events can occur.  I should know.


Over the years I’ve had many very positive experiences.  But I’ve had a few sour ones. Namely, I broke my ankle while in South Korea.  And my phone was stolen in Cambodia. I’ve also had flights delayed and some baggage mishaps.


Half of these events, more than likely, could have been avoiding by not drinking to be honest.  But hey, that’s something we will never know. Jokes aside, life happens and it sucks. You can’t always avoid the bad events, but you can prepare yourself so that if they do happen, you limit your loss.

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An easy-to-read introduction on how to use a RRSP and TFSA

What is a TFSA and RRSP?

They say there are only two things guaranteed in this life; Death & Taxes.  The older I get the more truth I see in that little pessimistic jingle. I’ve always been one to question the standard.  Because what if there’s a better or more efficient way of going about things.


You can’t avoid death, you can ward it off a bit longer and make the journey towards it more enjoyable by eating healthy, practicing discipline and making positive life decisions.


As for taxes, you may not be able to completely avoid or ward them off either, but you can certainly make strategic moves to reduce the amount you pay.  

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