Real Estate Vs. Market Investing & Renting

Real Estate Vs. Investing in the market…


Recently I posted an article on Facebook condemning home ownership.  Read the original story from my friends at Millennial Revolution HERE


The post on Facebook was hastily titled: This empirically puts to bed the argument “Houses are great investments because they appreciate in value!!


I was met with the following comment on my Facebook.. 


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Living Abroad Got Me Like…

I’ve been living abroad in South Korea for just under 4 weeks now, so needless to say.. I know it all.  


Far from it, obviously.  But even in such a short amount of time, I feel such change already come about.

This isn’t my first time traveling.  But this is my first time living abroad and completely alone.  I have my own apartment in a city – a country – on a continent – where I know practically no one.  

I’m a personable guy, I’ve met people since.  But it was a daunting first week.

The following are a few revelations and thoughts I’ve had about travel and living abroad thus far.  More to come, I am sure.

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