My First Jimjilbang Experience

When in Rome, as they say.  Or in this case South Korea..  

My first experience with a Jimjilbang

Christmas Eve 2016 was spent a little differently this year.  In snowless Gwangju, South Korea, I joined a downtown pub crawl to celebrate.  From underground jazz clubs, to German beer halls, and rooftop patio’s, last night was an adventure.  I woke up Christmas morning not to presents under a tree, but a pounding headache.

‘Today will not be wasted away with a hangover’ I thought to myself.  I jumped out of bed and set out into the world early this morning fueled by intention – and probably some of last nights liquor remaining in my system – in search of the coveted Jimjilbang.  A traditional public bath house.

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Abundance and Scarcity Mindsets

Scarcity and Abundance Mindsets..

I’ve been thinking and reading about Polyamory lately.   Polyamory is free and boundless love, people in these relationships are free to explore, start, and maintain multiple relationships if they desire.  More on this in the future.

Among a multitude of thoughts and feelings I have on the topic, it has lead me to reevaluate a few other area’s of life that I thought I had down-pack.

It lead to me reconsider how I operate in regards to money, a career, my views of certain current affairs within the world, and of course; relationships.

May I introduce Abundance & Scarcity mindsets

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Flow and the Search for Fulfillment

The search for fulfillment..

What do you want to do with your life?

How do you define a happy and successful life?

These are some big questions.  They are familiar questions, too.  No doubt you’ve inquired the answers from another person, probably been interrogated yourself, and most likely rolled around in bed until 3am trying to solve these personal mysteries.

They are important questions.

For every time these questions have been asked, there’s 10 different answers that’ve been given.

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You Should Listen to Audiobooks

Listen to books?  

You don’t listen to books, you read books!

Unless perhaps you’re indulging in some hallucinogens.. Then maybe you’re listening to books.

No, but seriously when I say listen to books, it’s not a spelling error and I’m not on drugs – Korea doesn’t have any.  


What I am talking about is listening to podcasts and specifically, audiobooks.

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Creativity Begins with Understanding

Creativity begins with understanding…

Note: this is another throw back post I wrote originally in early October

As you may know from previous posts, I’d been teaching my Korean Kindergarten kids about gardens.  Among what they’d learnt was the concepts of digging and using shovels.

After my first month I have to admit I hadn’t done a great job of ensuring the kids actually understood what I’m teaching them.  Granted, I am by no means a teacher so how could I even begin know how to gauge whether they were understanding or not.  

You reading this and the parents of the children will probably be glad to know I’ve come a long way since originally writing this.

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