The Curious Case of President Trump

Well, the unimaginable seems to have happened.  Trump is president of the United States of America.


Upon first beginning this little piece of literature, I was in disbelief. Watching the polls rack up in Trumps favor I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – along with millions of other people. A little bit of me almost wanted him to win to see what would happen. Then when he actually did, I was in awe.


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Thoughts on Giving Up Who You Love for What You Love

Thoughts on giving up who you love for what you love.


The idea of giving up who you love for what you love is a touchy subject.  I hate to suggest that a particular situation can’t be win/win.  I’m sometimes hopelessly optimistic that you can have your beautiful, prized cake and still somehow eat it.


But life doesn’t always work like that.

I also wish I had enough time and energy to do, and learn everything.  But we also know that’s not possible.


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How To Become A Modern Poet

Poet: a person who possesses special powers of imagination or expression.

What comes to mind when you hear the term, Poet.

Shakespeare?  Jim Morrison?  Hemingway?  Maybe Bukowski.

The last two names you might recognize more as writers than poets, but I argue they are one of the same.  Now can you think of who might be considered a modern poet?

Anyone who can bring words together that instills any sense of emotion is a poet.  I am focusing here in terms of written words.  But if we look at what I’ve just written, we could assume the title of poet doesn’t stop at written words.
And indeed, poetry exists in written form but also spoken as well.

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The Environment to Grow

The Environment to Grow…


Today with one of my kindergarten classes we were talking about gardens.  I was showing them a video suggesting that gardens need three main elements to prosper.  They need sunlight, they need water and they need bees to help pollinate the plants.

Without these specific conditions, plants will not grow.


Plants are living entities, just like people.  This got me thinking about myself and my environment


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Why you need F You Money

Have you ever heard the phrase…


the more you make, the more you spend”?


It seems like the pursuit of riches these days is just to accumulate more things.  Bigger houses, which inevitably translates into more stuff and more cleaning.  Nice cars which will always scratch, and debt, debt, debt.


I don’t want a fortune only to buy nice things – I would buy a few.  I want a fortune so I can say what I wanna’ say and do what I wanna’ do.


This is politely called F you money.


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