One Year Anniversary

One Thought From My One Year Anniversary in South Korea

May 30, 2018

One Year Anniversary in South Korea

Today marks my one year anniversary in South Korea.  As I write this I’m on a bus back to my home home city, Gwangju from another city a few hours away I visited for the night with some friends.


It’s awesome you can bus across the country in less than 6 hours.  Most places worth venturing are 3 to 4 hours away max.  I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the buses here.  Sometimes they seem to drag on, other time they give me moments to pause and appreciate the country and get into my head to think.


It’s a rainy day, as is usual in the summer here.  But the mountains are covered in luscious green that is especially blooming today from the recent rain.  There’s also a thick fog between the mountains where in most cases you can’t see the summits.

Views like these get me feeling awfully inspired, and appreciative of my life.


My major thought of the day

Korea’s been challenging. It’s tested me in many ways, and forced me to grow.  It’s also kicked my ass in regards to my health with breaking my ankle and other such illnesses.  For example I’m also dealing with a nasal infection so I’m pretty damn sick at the moment.  Probably partly self inflicted for how much I’ve been partying lately.  Few weeks left, fuck it has been the attitude.


I am working on another piece of writing to discuss some of the many lessons I’ve learnt from living a full year abroad and from Korea specifically.  But today I want to keep it short and only talk about one major realization I had while on this bus.


I’m thinking about the turmoil between the Korea to the north and the USA.  I’ve stated through my Facebook and to the many family and friends who ask that I’m not overly concerned about a world war 3.  Nor does much of South Korea seem to be, to be honest.  Maybe it truly is all western media extravagance and propaganda.  Or maybe we in South Korea are blissfully ignorant.  Who knows.


World War 3

The truth is, it’s highly unlikely anyone who is reading this has any possible effect on the outcome of these issues.


So why are we so worried?  I know most people are afraid of their mortality.  And the thought of that end date arriving premature seems even more terrifying.  And perhaps some feel cheated out of time they think belongs to them.


Again, the truth is some day you will die.  And you could really die any day, at any moment.


Looking out on this beautiful country I’ve had the opportunity to live in – and live well I might add – and how much I’ve grown because of it, I come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t worry so much about whether the bombs will drop or not.


But worry more about living each day so as to be able to sayno regrets” or at the least “I’m content with what I’ve accomplished thus far” in the face of the flames of utter annihilation. Should they come.


Moral of the story

Being abroad, surviving on my own choices and devices has opened my eyes.  I am more aware about what I want for myself and my future.  I know I’ve barely begun my journey, looking at the big picture.  Many of the decisions – good and bad – I’ve made over the past few years have gotten me to where I am now.  I am literally a week away from returning to Canada; upon the edge of the next chapter.


Looking out at these magnificent mountains reminds me that lately I can honestly say I’ve been living my life in the direction I wish and that I’ve designed.  I could not be more excited for what’s next.


Long story, short;  don’t stress about what you can’t control, your life to your terms, and always seek challenge and adventure.


Happy one year Korea.


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