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How To Become A Modern Poet

May 30, 2018

Poet: a person who possesses special powers of imagination or expression.

What comes to mind when you hear the term, Poet.

Shakespeare?  Jim Morrison?  Hemingway?  Maybe Bukowski.

The last two names you might recognize more as writers than poets, but I argue they are one of the same.  Now can you think of who might be considered a modern poet?

Anyone who can bring words together that instills any sense of emotion is a poet.  I am focusing here in terms of written words.  But if we look at what I’ve just written, we could assume the title of poet doesn’t stop at written words.
And indeed, poetry exists in written form but also spoken as well.

I’m not speaking about the romantic rhymes of

Roses are red,

Violets are blue..


No, it’s more than that.  Anyone or anything that inspires can be considered a poet, or poetry, respectively.


The modern poet of today..

Of course, yes.  The individual who can make words rhyme is a poet.  Musicians are typical and excellent examples.  Eminem a poet?  Most definitely.


What about the CEO of a company?   Could they be a modern poet?  The man or woman who builds core values their company stands by and embeds these principles into the workplace culture. Yes it is action that inspires, but these ideas must first start as thought, and then words.  These leaders are bringing said words to life.


Have you ever shared conversation with a wise, educated and experienced person?  One who makes you think past the limits of your own thoughts, and deeply into the topic of discussion.  These mere exchange of words and thoughts leaves you physically, mentally and spiritually buzzing.  Are they not modern poets?


Finally, blogging.  Turning thoughts and words into written articles of your chosen domain is absolutely poetry.  I think of some of the blogs I follow on personal finance.  Some ideas are outlandish, some make perfect sense and others I’d never have thought of in that particular way.  Regardless, anytime I read articles on my favorite blogs, its got me thinking and feeling in a certain way.  Either I’m saying ‘Yes! Yes, of course!’ or ‘Hm, that’s odd.  I should look into that more..’

But reading from these modern poets always has me thinking, and inspired.

See, every person is imaginative in their own way.  And with a bit of practice and a platform, can be expressive.


That’s why I suggest anyone wanting to further themselves should start a blog.  Its simple and relatively cheap to get up and running.  For a small investment in time and money you can open yourself up to so much potential.


Sure you’re probably familiar with the lifestyle associated with blogging, and making a $10,000 a month from the beach.  That doesn’t happen to many, and to those it did, it took a lot of time and work to get there.  Don’t do it for just that.


Why you should blog

Do it to practice your expression.

To force yourself to learn further into your topic of interest.

Get recognized as someone in your field

Meet like minded individuals

Create something of your own; your own personal brand

Do it for decompression and therapy.

Become your own boss and start a business.

Do it to set yourself ahead in the job market.

See?  So many reasons, and there’s many more.


Victor Pride said all great men are inevitably poets.  Great men live interesting lives and thereby gain experience and perspective.  You can maximize the benefit of living a full, and interesting life by writing or even speaking about it.  By becoming a modern poet

Will you take the step to expand and express your creativeness within?


There is a plethora of free knowledge available online on how to get a blog up and running.  I won’t go into that.

The first step however, is getting yourself your own piece of internet property by choosing a domain and acquiring some hosting.

There’s many sites online.  I recommend Web Hosting Hub.  I use them because they affordable, have amazing customer service and work directly with WordPress.  WordPress is the top used blogging platform in the world.

WordPress recently updated their platform with BoldGrid – it’s an easy to use editing program that allows you to build a top notch blog without having to know nearly anything about programming.


If you do decide to go with Web Hosting Hub, that link is an affiliate link and this blog will earn a small reward.

I look forward to reading your work!


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