make money backpacking through Asia

How to make money backpacking through Asia


While many people spend large amounts of money on holidays and vacations, you could be doing the opposite. Imagine earning money as you enjoy the new sights and sounds in a foreign country. That is sure to give your travel much more significance. Plus, wouldn’t you love to return home financially better off? Asia is a rich and beautiful continent that many people dream of visiting and exploring. There are so many beautiful and diverse cultures, delicious foods, and relatively affordable prices. But, perhaps the best thing is that you can earn money while enjoying what the largest continent in the world has to offer.

While teaching in China is not backpacking. If I ever do a long term slow travel stint through Asia after I finishing teaching ESL in China, these would be some of my go-to strategies to make money backpacking through Asia.

Teach English Online or Tutor

If you are a native English speaker, this job is easier to do while backpacking through Asia. These jobs are increasingly becoming more popular as more and more Asians are investing in learning how to speak English. Plus, the hours are flexible so that you will have some fun, and it tends to pay well. Not only will it give you some financial support on your trip, but you will also get to learn about other people, but their cultures and experiences. The best thing is that because it is online, so you can quickly meet people from different countries you might not be able to visit. There are numerous online resources for potential English teachers to help you get started and make money backpacking through Asia. 

Seriously, teaching English online is an amazing side hustle not only for travelers but anyone looking to make some side income. And the pay is great as well, usually around $15-20 per hour! If you were doing long term travel or slow travel in one area you could post some ads for private tutoring or drop by some training centers in your area.

Online Forex & Option Trading from the beach in Asia

Forex trading (foreign exchange trading) has become much easier to trade thanks to the internet. All you require is a device that can easily connect to the internet and search for an online forex trading platform with good reviews. Next, create an account and take your forex education very seriously. Start with a free demo account to learn the ropes and gain a better understanding of the risk involved. It might take awhile before you start earning some money, especially if you are a beginner, therefore, take the time to familiarize yourself with some specific terms or jargon. Only start trading with real money when you feel very well informed and confident about what you are doing.

Both forex, options trading and day trading have gained a lot of popularity lately. While they can all be quite profitable, they come with considerable risks. Education first, and tread carefully.

Freelance Writing to make money backpacking through Asia

All you need to become a freelance writer is a laptop or portable writing device, a stable internet connection, and excellent writing skills. In this digital age, writing has become a more popular choice to earn some more money in addition to your regular income. There are some excellent opportunities out there, so you have to do enough research to find them. You can set some time apart during your holidays to work on any assignments. That way, you can have a schedule to follow to avoid any interruptions and make money backpacking through Asia. 

Everyone has a decent enough knowledge on at least a few subjects to write articles that can get paid for. Competition is fierce but if you can find some openings it can be a great way to earn income.

Become an Au Pair

If you love kids, why not become an au pair? Not only will you get to spend time with them, but some au pair employers might provide you with a room, board, and a weekly salary. That way you can cut back on your accommodation expenses and earn some more money. 

Finding a short-term job while exploring Asia can be an excellent way to help you earn some more money. However, it might not all be glamorous and will involve a lot of hard work. If you are innovative and flexible enough, you should find a job and make the most of your vacation.

I’ve never done this personally, but have met some friends around the world that have tried this to make money backpacking through Asia. Less commitment than teaching ESL and a different set of skills.

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  • axeman

    The one thing never mentioned is you must have a University Degree, its almost impossible to work in another country legally without it.

    And its still work, as glamourous as it sounds, you still have to put up with a lot of crap, just like any job.

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