earn free cryptocurrency in 2022

How to earn free cryptocurrency in 2022


Earn free cryptocurrency in 2022

Subject: earn free cryptocurrency in 2022

With the American Federal bank announcing there will be at least 4 rate rises in 2022 and inflation numbers soaring, the stock market is taking a hit. Investors are looking for safe havens, and cryptocurrency is one of them.

Why not earn free cryptocurrency in 2022 to add to your portfolio to protect against inflation and rising rates.

Over its history Cryptocurrency has seen lots of volatility, but it has started to find some stability and has proven itself as a solid asset. All investing does involve risk and this is not financial advice.

Where to buy crypto in 2022?

There are a multitude of exchanges that allow you to buy directly from fiat (or cash) currencies. For Canadians one of the best for buying directly from dollars to Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) is Shakepay.

As you can see from the image link above, its a super simple and straightforward interface and you can etransfer directly!

They also have a credit card that allow you to earn up to 4% back in crypto right to your account! There are also some sign up bonuses to earn free cash or crypto.

How to Stake crypto to earn free cryptocurrency in 2022

Another giant international exchange is Binance. While you cannot buy crypto directly from fiat, you would need to buy from another exchange like shakepay first and then transfer your crypto over to Binance.

Binance has a huge range of options from trading crypto to more advance options like staking and pooling crypto to earn more crypto!

Here is a great article on staking crypto. It’s more advanced but a lot like investing your crypto to earn dividends. It also comes with its own risks so do your own research first!

Is cryptocurrency safe to buy?

Investing in crypto comes with a range of risks similar to traditional investing. One of the most important parts of cryptocurrency investing is protecting your passwords, transfer codes and storing in a safe place. I personal use a Ledger cold-storage drive to protect my Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

I also wrote some guides on investing in cryptocurrency and bitcoin. As well, I have a traditional investing eBook that shows you how to build long term wealth. Increasing your network and building generational wealth is a long process and requires diversification.

Remember to always do your own research and lots of it! Best of luck and happy investing.

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