how to choose the right financial adviser

How to choose the right financial adviser


How to choose the right financial adviser

When thinking about how to choose the right financial adviser, there are a lot of misconceptions. They aren’t just for the wealthy and can help most people to work towards their financial goals. But if you’ve never spoken to a financial adviser before, it can be a very daunting prospect. Whether you’re looking for major investment opportunities or estate planning for retirement, speaking to someone is a good idea. 

When choosing a financial adviser, keep the following in mind. 

What Type Of Advice You’re Looking For?

Before getting in touch with potential advisers, you must be clear about what kind of advice you’re looking for. Depending on your existing finances and future goals, you could be looking for very different levels of advice. 

For example, you might want advice on the best way to save for a comfortable retirement, or you may want to invest in business, stocks and shares.  How to choose the right financial adviser comes down to your goals.

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Get Recommendations 

When approaching the idea of how to choose the right financial adviser, it’s always good to get first-hand recommendations. As friends, family or colleagues if they can recommend anyone to you. Many advisers operate a referral system where you could get an incentive or a free session. 

If you don’t know anyone who has personally used a financial adviser, look for other forms of recommendation such as client case studies and online reviews

Check Their Qualifications & Experience 

When entrusting your financial health to someone, you want to know that they are qualified to give you the best advice possible. Depending on where you live, there are a different set of requirements that financial adviser’s must meet. This includes the qualifications they hold and how they conduct themselves. Some financial adviser’s are completely independent. Meaning that they aren’t contracted by a particular financial institution or product to promote their products. However, they still may be compensated in the event that you do buy or invest. All adviser’s should make it clear how they are compensated. 

Whether you choose to go with a larger financial advice service or a sole practitioner, the same level of care should be taken to ensure they are qualified to help you. 


Get A Free Consultation

Most reputable financial adviser’s will offer an introductory chat to ensure that you are a good fit for them as a client and vice versa. While they won’t be able to give your comprehensive advice unless you engage with them, they will be able to give you some basic information. If they aren’t a good fit, they should be able to signpost you to someone who is. 

That is how to choose the right financial adviser

Even a single session with a financial adviser could be a huge benefit to your current and future financial situation. Even if you have only a modest income, you can be shown how to maximise it. If you have more complex goals, or the resources to invest, then having advice on hand to guide you is invaluable. 

Choosing the right adviser’s is the first and perhaps the most important step.

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    I opine that one does not need a financial advisor. It is better for one to take charge of his/her investment strategy and financial planning. This will allow one to gain valuable experience along the way.


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