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5 essential travel items for your next adventure


Don’t forget these essential travel items

Subject: essential travel items

Ever felt like you were not well prepared for a trip? Packing can often be stressful and it’s very common to get anxious before traveling. Also, it has been discovered that 62% of Americans over-pack while traveling. Identifying what to take along with you depends on many factors (such as destination, weather and length of stay) that will ultimately shape what your travel luggage should contain. No matter the purpose and destination of your travel, however, there are some absolute essentials that everyone needs to check off their packing lists. Here are five key things you cannot afford to have absent from your suitcase anytime you travel:

1. Important documents are essential travel items

Your documents are the first things to get intact before you make any trip. Passports, tickets, visas, credit cards, and valid IDs should be neatly arranged together in a file and kept in separate luggage outside your main suitcase, preferably a personal carry-on bag. It is becoming increasingly important to include travel insurance in this list of documents. Hundreds of stories about travelers getting out of hot water because they possessed travel insurance should be motivation enough to secure yours, lest you are caught unawares should you encounter any mishaps on your trip.

You will likely have accessible photos and links on your phone to all your necessary documents. If you don’t make sure you save photos of all the documents listed above. I personally like to have hard copies as well of everything important. A smart, sleek and compact carry-on or even additional bag to your carry on such as a fanny pack or something more fashionable to keep essential travel items is a pro traveler move.

2. Toiletries – what to bring on a trip?

Make sure to pack your shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, sunscreen and other personal self-care items that are of utmost importance to you.These are simply the bare essentials which cannot be forfeited. Arriving at your destination only to discover that you forgot to bring along your bag of toiletries typically full of items that reflect your preferences can induce stress, which may end up robbing you of an exciting travel experience. 

Investing in a hanging toiletry bag has seriously changed my travel experience. I have travel sized items of everything I need that’s left in that bag. Most countries you can easily find razors, shampoo and most other items at the location, so you don’t to eat up bag space with certain items. But soap, moisturizer and sunscreen I always get ahead of time. Find what essential travel items are important to you, and get in advance.

3. Which clothing articles are essential travel items?

Seriously, relax! There is no way you are wheeling your literal 300-pound plywood wardrobe along with you on your trip. However, you do need to take with you a carefully put together collection of clothing options depending on factors such as your fashion taste, the season and weather of your destination city, and how long you intend to stay. Some complimenting shoes will not be bad as well, but not too many. You can sneak in your favorite sunglasses too, be it one with a simple shape, or a fancier frame as a bolder fashion statement.

Nearly 20 countries later and I am still overpacking on every trip. Buying high quality and versatile clothing will allow you to mix and match just a few items multiple days in a row. I find I always end up wearing the same pants, shorts, and sweaters. If I bring a few more shirts I can still get new photos every day. Except for socks and underwear, always overpack on those!


4. Travel health bags are essential travel items

Your health is always a priority, and the fact that you are traveling should do little to change that. Do not be one of those people who go on trips without a bag containing necessary prescriptions, allergy medications, and a basic first aid kit. You must also include a contact card in case you have a medical crisis or emergency.

I cannot stress enough how important having a health and safety bag is. This essential travel item is probably the most important over the entire list. While you can usually find most of these things in many locations, when you need medicine or whatever from a safety kit, you need it right then and there. Think headache, upset stomach, food poisoning, cuts/infections and allergic reactions.

5. Tech devices – stay powered on your trip

In today’s world, you will most definitely need to take some devices along with you regardless of the destination, length, and purpose of your trip. These will mostly include your laptop, camera, noise-cancelling headphones – I cannot stress how important these are – and a universal travel adaptor depending on the country you are traveling to. Another essential travel item is an external charger. Full day trips can drain your battery. You never know when you will need to find directions or use a translator app.

Make sure to keep your smartphone on you at all times; it is also ideal to keep a spare tucked away with the rest of your devices. Again, it is always advisable to store these devices in your carry-on bag and never in your luggage. Your gadgets are less likely to get stolen or lost if you consistently use this tip consciously- better safe than sorry.

I hope these essential travel item tips will help make your packing less stressful, more efficient and prepare you for a memorable trip!

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