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Philanthropy, Educating Girls of Rural China and Synchronicities.


Philanthropy, Educating Girls of Rural China and Synchronicities.

How to give back during the Pandemic

It’s said ‘Timing is everything, and when you’re really ready for it, it will come’.  I’ll admit after reading a number of motivational / self help books the whole idea of synchronicities are still engrained at least a little.  At the same time, if you look and try hard enough for unconnected events, you can generally find a link in your mind.  

I’ll let you judge the following story of how I’ve come to raise awareness for educating underprivileged girls in rural China.  To see if the concepts of synchronicity truly are present.

The best places to travel around China

A few weeks ago I took a mini weekend vacation to explore the northern part of Guangdong, China.  The province in which the city of Shenzhen, and I, reside.  I feel these days I’m too focused on the day to day grind of working towards financial independence that I rarely get opportunity to just think and introspect.  This was one of those times where I was able to dust off the corners of my mind and explore my thoughts and do some extensive reading over long bus rides.

Among the hours of travel I came across an article on social media – yes, deep quality reading indeed – about the growing issue of human trafficking around the world and in this particular article, the United States.  Crazy to think in this day and age of technology and raised standards of living around parts of the world, that this is still such an issue.  Well it is.

When should you start donating to charities?

Over the past few months of the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to not be that affected by the virus.  Attributing to a few lifestyle choices and a lot of pure luck, I came out relatedly unscathed.  Because of that and the progress I’ve made towards some of my personal goals I finally feel like I am in a position to give back.  I’m a firm believer you need to help yourself before you can really help others.  They tell you to put your own breathing apparatus on first in the airplane, right?

What’s my litmus test for being past due for some philanthropy?  I’ve starting looking much too much into luxury watches.  When lifestyle inflation rears its head, time to do some good instead.

Educating girls of rural China

So here’s where my recent thoughts and synchronicities intertwine themselves.  As I was reading that article, I got a notification of a new follower on instagram.  Go to check, and it appears to be some non-profit that supports girls of rural china in their education.  Girls from some of the lowest GDP area’s of China.  Very cool!  And I nearly simultaneously received an email from a volunteer that they had found my blog and were interested in working together.

I instantly dug into the organization to learn more.

The organization is called EGRC: Educating Girls of Rural China.  Its a charity that was founded in Vancouver, Canada back in 2005.   The whole premise of the charity is to help these girls get educated which can help build better societies.  Part of the reason I felt connected to this organization is because I agreed that knowledge = power. These girls are from Western China in the Gansu province. This province has the lowest wages in China and some of the highest rates of poverty.  Despite China’s insane growth of the past few decades, a huge portion of the country remains in poverty.

To get into more specifics, EGRC supports high school and university level girls in their tuition and living expenses.  In many cases without the support of EGRC, the girls would not be able to afford to go to school.  

It costs about $1,000 to sponsor 1 girl per year in high school. $1,500 will cover one girl per year in university.


The compounding effect

Another interesting aspect of EGRC that stood out to me was what I like to consider an ROI or compounding effect from what sponsoring one girl can do.  Most of the girls become members of EGRC and go out to help more people.  The action of helping one person can indirectly exponentially help further people.

In western countries most of us take for granted the right to education.  And as I mentioned I believe education and knowledge whether the traditional way through school and university or self study is paramount to a high quality of life.  

The key to a high quality life

Another Canadian organization, the Canadian Positive Psychology Network tends to agree.  They state that education is the #1 factor in having a high quality life.  For reasons such as education making us more resourceful, making us trans-cultural, enlightens us and actually tends to produce much more healthy, happy and longer living individuals.

Is China a good country to visit?

China has personally given so much to me over the past few years. I am happy to give back in even a small way such as sponsoring one girl and helping to spread awareness for the EGRC organization.

In light of the Covid 19 pandemic is this unfortunately a hard time for many people to be donating spare change.  Consequentially, this is also a time when this charity is needing funding most.  But if you are in a position to give back, I would highly suggest looking into this organization and the work they are doing.  You don’t need to give the full sponsor amount, any bit helps these days.

Can one person change the world?

Whether there was larger forces at play connecting EGRC and myself beats me.  Will helping one person get some education affect global human trafficking, I believe its a step in the right direction.  Can each individual impact the world in a positive way no matter how small?  Absolutely.

If you are interested in learning more about EGRC: Educating girls of rural China, please visit this link HERE

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