earn money and travel simultaneously

How I Earn Money and Travel Simultaneously

April 26, 2018

Build bank, earn money and travel simultaneously.


I remember looking out the window of my office during my first job out of university.  It was a brief moment between the whip of management being cracked to pick the phone back up.  I was wearing an uncomfortable suit, barely making bank and just thinking..


FUCK THIS.  I’m moving to Thailand to become a dive instructor.  I want to earn money and travel simultaneously.


That fantasy seemed nice and all until i researched how much dive instructors make.  You better love it, because it’s probably last on wealth building profession list.


I moved through a few other jobs over the years, still dreaming of jetsetting and island life.  Finally, about a year and a half ago I did something about it.

You can travel AND make money.


If you’ve bounced around this site at all, making money and investing are particularly important to me.  Travel is equally, but I am not going to just YOLO across the world without a plan.  Well, I found something that allowed me to earn money and travel simultaneously.


No, not dive instructing.


Teaching English abroad as a second language.


In 2016 I hopped a flight to South Korea to teach English.  Now this isn’t the fantasy of making 6 figures a month from the beach working 4 hours a week.


But I never worked more than 30 hours a week and was able to save 20 grand despite surgery, multiple vacations, and thousand dollar weekends around the country.  Not too damn bad.


I should state right off the bat, teaching English isn’t a breeze, it doesn’t come close to one of the harder jobs I have, but a room full of screaming kids who can understand sometimes 20% of what you’re saying comes with it’s challenges.


For many people though, its a total life hack.  All you need is a university degree, clean criminal record and hailing from an English speaking country.  


Yes that was the sales pitch.


Interested?  Email me, I’ll set you up. info@thatcharleslife.com


Still, I wanted more.


Teaching English as a second language in a foreign country has a huge list of perks.  But it still wasn’t everything I was aiming for.  I had to show up at a certain time and take orders from the principle.  


I’m probably totally spoiled.. But I wanted more freedom.  I wanted to be able to hop on a plane and head wherever I wanted, when I wanted.  I could do that on weekends and holidays in Korea.  But it didn’t quite fit into that beach fantasy I had created in my mind, years ago.  I needed a bit more to really fulfill my dream to earn money and travel simultaneously.


Teaching English online.


Enter the next phase of English as a second language education.  


Teaching English online.


What does that even mean?  Well, instead of being in a class with 20-50 raging mini humans, you are one on one via webcam and powerpoint slides with a little toddler.


All from the comfort of your own home.. As I’ve been doing primarily for the last 4 months.


Or from an AirBnB apartment in Thailand, such as I will be doing next week.


I’ve hit the work life balance jackpot.


Location independent..     Check!

Well paid.. Check!

Set your own schedule..   Check!


This is it folks, the holy grail.  All you need is a laptop with a good wifi connection, and a headset.  They also lean towards a university degree (that’s negotiable), and unfortunately caucasian ancestry (less so).


I can work as much or as little as I want, working 7 days a week or take a full week off as I chose and make +$20 per 45 minute class, from anywhere in the world.  I can finally earn money and travel simultaneously.


The great thing is, so can you if you meet the requirements above.  Google how many people are in Asia, that will give you an idea of the demand for English teachers.


Again that was the elevator pitch, hit me up for more details if you are interested in either teaching in country (I am currently looking for teachers in China and South Korea).  Or to start teaching online.


4 hour work week level travel and saving.


I am able to travel, live and save a bit via teaching.  But I’ve got bigger goals than that.  I also actively invest in the stock market, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and dabble with ecommerce and blogging.


Learn how to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


Learn how to make money from blogging


What about you?

Do you live a life of travel and make money simultaneously?  How do you do it?  Would you like to learn more in depth about anything I’ve mentioned?  Hit me up in the comments!


If you think someone you know could benefit from my message, please share!  Cheers and thanks for reading.

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  • Currently located in China, teaching English and working towards Financial Freedom. I write about money, travel, personal development and more!

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