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Looking for remote work during quarantine? Try teaching ESL online


Having money problems during Covid 19 Quarantine?

Everything you need to know about teaching ESL online

Tens of millions of people across North America have been stuck home and out of work while the Coronavirus ravages its way through society. Unless you’re an essential worker, you are likely out of work. Many have treated this time as a forced relaxation period. But there’s only so much rest you need before you start getting antsy. Or you start running out of cash. Unbeknownst to many people, there’s a natural ability that each person in North America holds that is of high value to many, many others around the world. Their ability to understand and speak the English language.

Families in China pay a handsome dollar to have their children spending time speaking with a Native English Speaker. You, a Native English speaker is at home bored with nothing to do. Why not use this time to earn a bit of side cash.. Or a full time income. The requirements for teaching English online are much less than those required to teach at a public or private school here in North America.

It’s also quite a bit of fun, and doesn’t require you to prepare lessons or nearly any overhead to get started. Heck, you might enjoy it so much and realize the earning potential that you end up quitting your day job right now to travel the world working 30 hours a week from anywhere with a laptop.

Can you make lots of money teaching ESL online?

Can you become a millionaire teaching ESL? YES! See here how. But its not gonna’ happen in ten years teaching online. But you might be surprised to learn you can earn between $20-30 dollars an hour teaching English online. Starting teachers will earn closer to the bottom of that and after a few years you can easily be earning +$30 an hour. Teachers a few years in can earn over $4,000 / month teaching less than 40 hours a week.

Of course you likely won’t earn that much unless you are working +50 hours a week. And that’s just not really feasible unless its during summer and winter holidays for Chinese students. During those times you could work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Side not for any of you aspiring ESL lifers.

Starting out you can expect to make $20 an hour, and it will take a few months to get full class loads. But once you lock down some recurring students, it becomes a cakewalk.

What’s it like to teach English online?

It’s really simple, really. You find a quiet, well lit area in your house with a neat background or some fun posters and pictures on the wall. Get yourself a laptop with a decent camera, some headphones and a solid wifi connection. Boom. You are ready to teach English online.

Most companies provide course material, so you really don’t need to prep. But its advised to have some resources such as extra stories, games, videos, songs, etc. in case you find yourself with some free time towards the end of the lesson.There are so many resources throughout the internet that you shouldnt need to spend much time prepping.

As well, most companies allow you to create your own schedule with total flexibility so its like you are a contractor or running your own little English business.

Benefits of teaching English online

I guess I can just summarize what I’ve already written above. Flexible schedule, above average pay, low start up and overhead required, and low stress work.

It’s amazing having no boss to answer to daily. I just book my classes when I know I have free time or time set aside to work. Then log on to teach when I am booked. I’ve talked about early retirement and financial freedom lots on this blog. Teaching ESL online might help me jump into that years earlier than planned.


How to succeed as an online English teacher

Firstly, you need to remember you are dealing with kids. So patience, and a smile despite your inner emotions will going miles. Beyond that just trying to have fun with the kids, doing get too hooked on sticking to lessons, be willing to be flexible. Try to be happy, enthusiastic and silly, kids eat that stuff up.

I like to always have some extra resources around such as games and videos to add to every lesson. There are online video games for ESL you can find around the internet. I also like word searches and various other games like that. As well I search up and download special effects for my camera. Theres also some programs you can pay for to add background or special effects. It works great, especially for younger kids whose English isn’t so good.

I like to get the students to do most of the talking and try get them to think for themselves. The Chinese education system is notorious for following the rules and staying inside the box. Try get them to break out of that in your lessons!

How to get started teaching ESL online

There are a few prerequisites. Nearly all companies require native English speakers holding a passport from a native English speaking country. Such as Canada, America, Scotland, England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia.

As well most companies require you to have a bachelors degree. Some also require a TEFL. That being said, you might be able to find some companies to hire you if you don’t have a university degree. But don’t hold your breath.

There are a multitude of companies but the best ones can be found through the following link below. You can also email me directly through my contact page. I am always more than happy to help people get started teaching ESL online.

Click this link below to get started teaching English online!

teaching esl online

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