destinations in asia

5 destinations in Asia, perfect for an escape.


5 destinations in Asia perfect for an escape

Subject: Destinations in Asia

New travel options are opening up all the time promising to enable you to find your own personal slice of paradise within the colourful and vibrant continent of Asia- but where to start?

Asia offers a diverse and beguiling list of locations for holidays that enable you to escape the monotony of your everyday life. Transporting you to a whole new world of sensory pleasure. Wherever you go, the tastes, sounds, smells and experiences will be unforgettable. Secluded beaches and spiritual shrines to cities bursting with contemporary architecture.

Keep in mind that many of these holiday destinations involve adventure and going off the beaten track in countries with very different cultures. It’s advisable to carefully research any expectations the locals may have for tourists, for example, ensure you have packed appropriate clothing.

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Trekking holidays in Nepal

Is there a better way to get away from it all than striding among the world’s highest mountains?

On trekking holidays in Nepal, you can walk in the footsteps of explorers, or simply soak up the bewitching culture and welcome in mountain villages.

The wonderful landscape and culture of Nepal:

The tourism strapline for Nepal is: “Once is not enough”, and it’s easy to see why. It’s worth going just to watch the sunset or sunrise around eight of the ten highest peaks on the planet.

You can tell your grandchildren you went white water rafting, canyon swinging or bungee jumping among glacial structures and lush alpine forests. Or, make a spiritual journey to find peace by glacial lakes and waterfalls, possibly sighting snow leopards, red pandas, eagles, endangered species of falcons and musk deer.

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Beautiful Bali could be one of the best destinations in Asia

The very name Bali paints a beguiling picture of pure soft sand, palm-fringed coves and warm azure waters to entice you to swim.

Indonesia’s most famous island is just as wonderful as you would expect, with a perfect climate and warm, caring locals. You will quickly see why Bali is known as the island of the gods!

This unspoiled country offers quiet solitude within beach resorts around Sanur or Nusa Dua. The colourful Kuta area of Bali is a big draw too, for unforgettable backpack holidays or family ‘escapes’.

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Singapore’s magic

There are many ways to lose yourself in Singapore, including sun-drenched tropical landscape, untamed jungles and fascinating ancient temples and shrines. You could be attracted to more contemporary offerings on its lavish main island or escape to its 62 smaller islets.

The beach resorts in Singapore are incredible, including the largely undeveloped Pulau Ubin, the fishing paradise of St. John’s Island or swimming and snorkelling at Singapore’s Marine Park. Alternatively, you could head to the city-state’s developed areas to gaze in awe at record-breaking architecture and high-end shops.

Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands and Sands Sky Park, known as the celestial surfboard:

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Phi Phi islands in Thailand is a top choice for destinations in Asia

For many world travellers, the best holiday escape is the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

They offer the best beach holidays in Southeast Asia, with lavish accommodation and delicious food, but also ample opportunities for peace and solitude on beautiful tropical shores. There’s a hammock with your name on it!

Take a trip to Koh Phi Phi to seek out Maya Bay, made famous by the film “The Beach” and therefore not so ‘unvisited’ anymore, but still remote and gorgeous.

Many locations are only accessible by boat:

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Uzbekistan is one the hottest new destinations in Asia

Like Japan, Uzbekistan is fast emerging as a once in a lifetime holiday destination. For pure escapism, this Asian country deserves to be high on bucket lists. The Lonely Planet guide refers to it as “Central Asia’s biggest draw and most impressive showstopper.”

Uzbekistan was the heart of the Silk Road, and money was invested in some of the most glittering and mesmerising buildings in the world. You can follow the fortunes of Alexander the Great or explore Khiva’s labyrinth of 6th-century streets, a living museum protected by UNESCO. Your escape to Uzbekistan could also take you up the Nuratau Mountains to witness the country’s wonderous ecotourism.

Magnificent views from many different angles:

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