The Curious Case of President Trump

Well, the unimaginable seems to have happened.  Trump is president of the United States of America.


Upon first beginning this little piece of literature, I was in disbelief. Watching the polls rack up in Trumps favor I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – along with millions of other people. A little bit of me almost wanted him to win to see what would happen. Then when he actually did, I was in awe.


I was recently viewing a blog I follow daily, that claimed the stock market has almost accurately predicted the president before the election for the last 80 years or so. And last week the markets clearly said that Hillary was the shoe in.


I mean, how could she not be? Trump is unqualified, and she has a long history of politics.

Yeah, Clinton wasn’t much of an alternative. With her severe baggage. But she was no doubt more qualified. But maybe that was the issue..


After I first started writing I took a break to go back to work, I went to the gym and had some time to think.


Next I felt the feeling of fear. He is claimed to be rather intolerant to a whole slew of minorities. Could we be repeating the history of the late 1930s, early 1940s and WWII?


How could so many people vote for someone who seems to be so regressive?


The way I see it, there were a few issues that lead to this ridiculousness. Some similar to the Brexit ordeal a few months ago.


I should state I’m not a politics major. I’m really just forming an opinion based on observations and writing on how it’s all added up in my head. Feel free to call me out in the comments. I’d love to have my perspective shaped accordingly, if necessary.

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Brexit, from my understanding – another suggested highly unlikely outcome – stemmed from a large group of people, uninformed about globalization past what they see in their own back yards; jobs moving to lower cost areas, or becoming obsolete with technology, and immigrants coming to their country that they are unfamiliar with. Which generally leads to racism. People are scared of the unknown.

And the general population also has a serious mistrust of governing officials. Not wrongly placed, no doubt.


Hmm, this all sounds very similar of America right now.


See, what Trump was supposed to be – in my opinion – was a symbol of change. An alternative to the business as usual bullshit of the ruling class and politicians.

It’s really too bad the culmination of that well-intended change.. Was Donald Trump.

That’s one part of this Trumpian paradigm. The other part is the same that happened with the UK.




And not just racism, sexism and whatever else Trump is seemingly guilty of. Ignorance of the future and the way the world is moving these days.


Make America Great Again


What does that mean to you? I saw a post a while ago, detailing America’s bloody history of Native American destruction, civil and world wars. When was America ever really great?

Well the way I see it, and I imagine the way most people in America saw their country as this place of greatness is back in the post-WWII days of the baby boomers.

Everyone was experiencing a much higher luxury of living, productivity was through the roof and the world was peaceful..ish.


But you see, those days aren’t coming back. No matter how hard we wish it.


We’ve had too many technological advances, and globalization. The world as a whole has benefited from globalization, and the idea of moving back to a nationalistic route isn’t going to make the sum of us better.


Then there’s the ignorance of racism. The media has constructed this image of refugees and immigrants in our head that just isn’t accurate. Most people digest what the evening news has for them. And in America.. That’s some pretty narrow and scary shit from what I’ve seen.

People fear the unknown, and that fear is increased when the only impressions they’ve had of this unknown is ones of negativity that are curated in a specific way.


Speaking of media. I know we’ve all seen mostly moments of ignorance and intolerance from Trump. But is that his only side?


Do you think nearly 60,000,000 people voted for Trump because they are sexist, racist and whatever else? I just saw a post on social media stating ‘if you voted for Trump, please go tell all your female, LGBT, ethnic minority friends how much they don’t mean to you’. Sure, maybe some people saw Trump as a way to fuel their hate. Hate exists. But to say that anyone voted for Trump is a pure racist, sexist and whatever other hateful group exists, is incorrect.


Trump as president isn’t the end of the world. I mean it could be.. But it’s unlikely.


People will continue to go to work, businesses will continue to fight to be profitable and competitive. Cars will sell, food will be grown and consumed. Social justice warriors will continue to along their path. Women’s rights will not disintegrate.

Life will go on.


If there is complete truth in Trumps intolerance and ignorance the media portrays this is most certainly a blow to the progress we’ve made towards equality. As no leader should speak the way Trump seems to speak, and think the way he thinks.

I truly hope in all my heart what I’ve heard about his views of gay marriage and and abortion are incorrect.


This very well could be a blow to foreign affairs, and climate change. As it’s rumored Trump is also ignorant in these areas. Climate change is a highly underrated issue that we do not have the luxury of time in dealing with.


Read here a better review of the social injustices we may face in the coming years.


We must remember Trump still has various stakeholders to appease. We can only hope he steps up to the position the country has given him.   I hope he listens to the correct advisors and makes promise on bringing together all the different groups of the country, that he claimed in his victory speech.


It’s now been shown someone other than a career politician can be elected to run the country – yes a scary thought. But maybe a hopeful one


If we can all survive these next 4 years.. Maybe what – or who – comes next will be the real change the world needs.


Regards, thoughts and prayers to America.
We are witnessing history, hopefully it won’t be a regrettable story.


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