The Only Constant is Change

May 30, 2018

Thinking about Change..

I’m sitting on a bus on my way to incheon international airport in South Korea to meet a good friend of mine from Canada who is coming to visit me over February.  I’m beginning to tire of these cross country rides but they do give me a lot of time to think.  And the views of the countryside are always spectacular.


Particularly at this moment what I’m thinking about is how I’ve changed over the past few years.  I’m recalling past jobs, past loves and all the ridiculous things I use to do.

Two years ago some of the things I used to do were outright reckless.  I also spent a good deal of time working with a partner to acquire funding to purchase a multi million dollar business.  


Last year I financed a car for seven years assuming I would still be selling cars for years into the future.  Hell I almost bought a house.  Later last year I left Canada to come to South Korea.


How life has changed.

About Change..

Last year I became fond of a phrase from Heraclitus, the greek philosopher; the only that is constant, is change.  Looking back I can’t remember if I truly understood the meaning of it.  But I do now.


Looking bad, I couldn’t have deeply understand the quote, considering some of the rash decisions I made.  And without consideration of the potential consequences that either did or could have come from change to the status quo at the given time.


What I mean specifically, are the consequences of jumping into a mortgage or vehicle finance term.  Without the consideration of job loss or serious change.  Which ultimately did come about.  Would I be in Korea right now if I had a mortgage? Unlikely.


I’ve learnt now not to commit or invest myself too early without proper consideration or ‘due diligence’.


What I infer when I say due diligence is time spent feeling out a situation.  For example.  I love living in Korea, and the money potential is great.  But I’m not in love with teaching.

I’d love to plan to stay another year or two, but ultimately I’m not sure I can stomach the job for that much time.


Similarly, when it came to romance in the past I tended to fall head over heels quickly when I met someone new.  I would begin to create these fantasies in my head before I truly got to know her and her intentions. This frequently left my expectations and the reality of the situation in drastically different arenas.  I’ve learned to curb that.  


I’m trying to make two points..

One.  Everything changes, sooner or later.  Prepare for that, accept that and plan accordingly.  Avoiding commitment altogether is a bad optiontrust me, I know.  But over committing can also leave you vulnerable and if you aren’t prepared for any given situation to flip 180 degree you can get left out to dry.

Lastly to this point: if it doesn’t change, it might not be the best thing for you.  It’s not healthy to avoid growth.


Second. Don’t be in a hurry.  Enjoy the moment, because it will soon come to pass.  Just because something good is going to end, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it entirely in the meantime.  Vice versa, just because something sucks right now, doesn’t it always will.  Sometimes it’s gotta’ get worse before it gets better.


I was a little sporadic with the genre’s of my examples above, but that’s just to stay in line with how all over the map the last few years have been.  

I wouldn’t change much in my past if I had the choice.  I plan to change ton’s in the future, by choice.


Cheers to change,


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