One Thought From My One Year Anniversary in South Korea

One Year Anniversary in South Korea

Today marks my one year anniversary in South Korea.  As I write this I’m on a bus back to my home home city, Gwangju from another city a few hours away I visited for the night with some friends.


It’s awesome you can bus across the country in less than 6 hours.  Most places worth venturing are 3 to 4 hours away max.  I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the buses here.  Sometimes they seem to drag on, other time they give me moments to pause and appreciate the country and get into my head to think.


It’s a rainy day, as is usual in the summer here.  But the mountains are covered in luscious green that is especially blooming today from the recent rain.  There’s also a thick fog between the mountains where in most cases you can’t see the summits.


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How To Go With The flow and Make The Best Of The Situation

Life flows how it wants..

The worst part about vacations – aside from the tedious relaxation, and the horrid, utter lack of commitment or responsibility leaning on you – is coming back to real life and going back to work.  I experienced this again first hand this past week.  I had a bunch of days off last week and went to Busan.  South Korea’s second largest city on the coast.  Sexy beach city.  Think Miami.  Maybe at least.. I’ve never been to Miami.


It was a real eye opener and reminded to focus on building my own future and working for myself.  Both the time off in the beach town and some occurrences in the week following.

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Why Work is a Component of Happiness

Eternal sunshine..

It wasn’t too many years ago I thought the answer to happiness was eternal beach bumming.  Without responsibility, without care.. Without purpose.

I used to think constant work, whether for yourself or – especially – for someone else was modern slavery.  I bought into the meme ‘your life is more than work and bills’.


I’m not so sure anymore.

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How Options Lead to Happiness & Abundance Mindset

Options prologue..

A while back now I dabbled around with polyamory, it ultimately lead to me discovering I was operating from a scarcity mindset in a few of the domains of my life.   I’ve since realized polyamory regarding a serious or long term relationship isn’t for me – nor would it be for any other self respecting man with options, in my opinion.  But I’m happy to have explored it because the experience and insights were more than worth it.  


I’ve been reading a lot of Rollo Tomassi’s work lately.  One quote in a particular article really stuck out to me:

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Play the Damn Cards you’re Dealt


Sit down at the table of life, and you’re dealt a hand.  The cards drawn are at random, none are exactly the same.  Undoubtedly some get much better than others, and some end up folding before the first round’s even finished.


They say you can’t control what happens to you in life, but that you can control how you deal with the circumstances.  Before I get too philosophical, a short story from my life..


A few days ago I wrote on my experience of breaking my ankle while in Korea.  Financial goals, fitness aspirations, day to day life, and social interests have all been shaken.  It’s upset my life, to say the least.  More on how I plan to adapt to this bust hand I’ve been dealt in a moment.


What really stimulated this writing piece was from my first day back at school after surgery and a week off.

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