Saved by Soup: The Story of a Reformed Soup Hater

Hello, I’m Colby and I used to hate soup

I’ll admit, I used to trash talk soup pretty hard.  I didn’t get it.  When I wanted to eat I wanted a full hearty meal of solid food.  I didn’t want to drink my meals.  Lord knows I consume enough shakes during the week in the morning and after the gym, I prefer to eat as much solid foods as possible.


If you’ve strolled around this website enough you should know fitness and health are of terminal interest to me.  Over the last few years I like to think I’ve really recreated my eating habits in a more streamlined, efficient and healthy manner.


I’ve read about ‘If It Fits My Macros’ but I haven’t implemented such a strategy yet so I’m essentially doing the rice, chicken and veggies routine.  I really don’t mind this static and repetitive diet.  I’ve written previous how eating the same thing day in, day out saves on time, money and mental capacities.  But every now and again this rice, chicken and vegetable game get pretty boring.  And thereby hard to choke down.

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The Power of the Cold Shower

The power of the cold shower

A while back I gave a short autobiographical account on how I got into a – relatively – healthy lifestyle .  I mention there, how it all started with skin deep desires of looking good to get attention of the opposite sex.  Not to say that particular driver isn’t still relevant, but the reasons why I currently aim to live a more wholesome lifestyle has gone a bit deeper.  


To feel and perform better in other aspects of my life.


Since this path has consumed me, I’ve looked for more ways to gain an edge and improve my wellbeing even further.  Martial arts, particular habits – the removal of various destructive ones, meditation, etc.  The list goes ever on.


One certain practice that’s gained my attention, and popularity over the last decade is the cold shower.  It also goes by ice bath, and cryotherapy.

The Intersection of Fitness and Minimalism: Part II

Part II: The Supplement Game

This is part II of a 2 part series.  Read part I here.

The US supplementation industry is estimated at 37 billion for 2016

So there’s a lot of money on the line, and a lot of cash to fuel the marketing machine.  Meaning a large percentage is spent on ensuring consumers continue and increase buying.

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The Intersection of Fitness and Minimalism: Part I

Part I: In The Gym

This is Part I of a 2 part series.  Read Part II here.

I’ve been hiding a bit of myself from you.  Though less mischievous and exciting are my secrets than you might be hoping for.  My interests in minimalism and fitness.


Odd topics to bring up together, wouldn’t you agree?




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Is A Healthy Life the Foundation for Success?

Is a healthy life the foundation for success?


I’ve always maintained that the consistent pursuit a healthy life is the foundation of success.  Or a good life, in general.  The more active you are, the better you fuel your body, and the more engaged you are in positive environments.. the more you are able to accomplish.  

Whether that takes the form of waking up early to climb a mountain, spending time each day to write a book, or burning the midnight oil to expand your business, is up to you.