About Me

about me

 About me..

Good ol’ Canadian boy living in South Korea.  Spreading the good word of the English language and molding the young minds of Korea’s tomorrow.

When I’m not masquerading as an educator, I am..

  • Reading up on finances, investing and building/preserving wealth.
  • Working on my body in the kitchen and the gym, or learning how to see further progress.
  • Exploring the outside world, or working towards my next adventure.
  • Thinking about & researching better ways to live, and trying to answer life’s great mysteries.

..Finally, I spend a lot of time writing about all of that and more!

My ultimate wish is that with my words, I might entertain, educate, and inspire.  I am grateful to have you here, sharing this journey with me.

Onwards & upwards,



A longer, drawn out history..

I grew up in a small town about 15 minutes away from a major Canadian city.  Sports, camping, the outdoors, and trying not to get caught causing trouble sums up my childhood.  In high school I would develop an interested in education, fitness and partying that would ultimately lead me into the person I am today.

In high school I got my first bite from the travel bug

I was lucky enough to travel to the USA and Europe.

I began studying psychology at a Canadian university after high school due to an obsession with the television show ‘Criminal Minds’.  Pretty sure I had my hopes set with the FBI – how blissfully young I was.

I found psychology interesting, but it wasn’t calling me the way a few introductory businesses classes did.  In my second year I switched my focus to business.  I would go on to graduate a few years later with a Bachelor of Business & Administration.  I had my sights set on a career on advertising and marketing.  Somewhere along the way, I also discovered an interest in writing.

My university years were a challenging time where I would transition from small town life, to the real world.

During my final years in university studying business I would try my hand at entrepreneurship.  I was involved for a time hosting music shows in my city, some of the more notable names included Machine Gun Kelly, Swollen Members and Tech N9ne.  

For over a year I also spent time in the Network Marketing industry with a company that dealt in the skincare market.  I personally grew a team of over 25 people and traveled around North America with the business.  Not with the company anymore, but definitely not an MLM hater.

MLM would lead me to the concepts of..

Personal development; being able to envision the life I wanted for myself, and how to take action towards it.  

I got back into reading books, and was driven to join a Toastmaster public speaking group.  I am forever grateful for the people and knowledge I gained from that particular experience.  

In 2013 I transitioned out of university and the MLM industry into my first adult job; a high intensity sales role for the international leader in the office solutions & print industry.  Some success, and a lot of cold calls later I left in 2014 to join a local start up company that I was passionate about in an operations role.  I quickly learned it wasn’t a fit and learned start ups aren’t always as sexy as they appear.

Despite that, later in 2014 I almost immediately transitioned to another much larger start up in another sales role.  This company was in the restaurant tech sphere and later went on to raise series A & B round capital, and sell for +100 million.  

During my time at this tech company I would end my long travel-less streak and spend a few weeks in South Africa.  Spending a week in the African country side on a Safari hunt and then the remainder in one of SA’s capital cities, Cape Town.  

I was reminded how utterly important travel is.

In mid 2015 I decided to leave the tech company for a mini retirement and pursue purchasing a 7 figure company with a partner.  We weren’t able to raise the funds necessary in time and would eventually miss out on that opportunity.  Perhaps for the best.  

During 2015 I jumped back into the entrepreneurial side of life by entering the event management game again, hosting local art and music shows supporting local artists.  I also partook in a few business competitions in my city, all of which I would help lead my teams into top 3 places.

Towards the end of 2015 I joined the top automotive group in my city as a car salesman.  Around that time I also began falling in love with investing and concepts of financial freedom.  

Around mid 2016 I decided I would rather support people in building wealth instead of debt.

I parted ways with the automotive sales industry.

After July 2016, life took a drastic turn.  I almost put an offer in on a 3 bedroom in my hometown, instead I dropped the down payment in my investment portfolio and accepted a job in South Korea teaching English.

Since then I have a traveled to Japan, broken my ankle, started this blog, learnt a ton about myself and now..

help other people get abroad to teach English.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations.  Again, I hope my words will educate, entertain and inspire.  You now know me well.. I would love to get to know you!  Please join the mailing list to join me on this journey and get fresh content related to money, travel, health & life’s great mysteries.


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