Friends of That Charles Life

friends of that charles life

“Your network equals your net worth”

Below are a friends list of other bloggers, writers, travelers, early retirees, explorers, and adventurists.  Whom I have either collaborated with, am inspired by or fond of.

Please contact me directly via email if you would like to appear on this list!

The Friends

Backpacking Travel Blog – A blog by a couple of travel bloggers, for couples that travel together.

Crossing World Borders – A guy who has traveled all over and has a unique perspective on travel.

Millennial Revolution – A couple who retired with a million bucks in their early, early thirties and now travel the world writing about financial freedom, traveling, and other weird and cool stuff.  If you haven’t heard of these beauties, you’ve been living under a rock.

Nomadic Samuel – one of the top travel websites in the world currently, about a guy who is a long term digital nomad.  He’s also done ESL!

Smiling Faces Travel Photos – A travel website that focuses on people doing cool things around the world, a smiling the whole time.

The Minimal Camper – A website dedicated to camping right, and camping light.  Visit for awesome tips on camping, hiking & gear selection.  They’ve also got a wicked Instagram account you can find through their site.

That Back Packer – A seriously well traveled girl.  Awesome travel blog with stories and tips from all of the continents.