Which Islands In Thailand Should I Go To?

The Best Islands in Thailand

It’s been a wild ride these past few weeks visiting some islands in Thailand exploring a few of the more known islands. There’s so many islands down here that one would need a helluva lot more time and money than I have at my disposal to experience them all.  Here’s a little review of the main ones that I visited and some stuff you can get up to yourself as well while exploring islands in Thailand.

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Places To Visit and Things To See In Thailand: Part I

Things to see in Thailand

One week down in Thailand.  Thus far I’ve almost drunken myself sick, and explored way less than expected in Bangkok.  Learned some lessons of the road, and avoided death or injury on a scooter while exploring Chiang Mai.


Here is week one’s overview and some tips.

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How I Earn Money and Travel Simultaneously

Build bank, earn money and travel simultaneously.


I remember looking out the window of my office during my first job out of university.  It was a brief moment between the whip of management being cracked to pick the phone back up.  I was wearing an uncomfortable suit, barely making bank and just thinking..


FUCK THIS.  I’m moving to Thailand to become a dive instructor.  I want to earn money and travel simultaneously.


That fantasy seemed nice and all until i researched how much dive instructors make.  You better love it, because it’s probably last on wealth building profession list.


I moved through a few other jobs over the years, still dreaming of jetsetting and island life.  Finally, about a year and a half ago I did something about it.

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