Play the Damn Cards you’re Dealt


Sit down at the table of life, and you’re dealt a hand.  The cards drawn are at random, none are exactly the same.  Undoubtedly some get much better than others, and some end up folding before the first round’s even finished.


They say you can’t control what happens to you in life, but that you can control how you deal with the circumstances.  Before I get too philosophical, a short story from my life..


A few days ago I wrote on my experience of breaking my ankle while in Korea.  Financial goals, fitness aspirations, day to day life, and social interests have all been shaken.  It’s upset my life, to say the least.  More on how I plan to adapt to this bust hand I’ve been dealt in a moment.


What really stimulated this writing piece was from my first day back at school after surgery and a week off.

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Broken Bones & My Korean Surgery Experience Overseas

Badluck Chuck..

Back during the preparation period, prior to arriving in South Korea I had a conversation with my extensively traveled sister.  She suggested I look into travel insurance.  Of the million things on my brain, travel insurance was low on my priority list.  I attribute this to never of had a major surgery.  Plus, I had 50% coverage through my contract.


What proceeds is evidence that travel insurance should always be one of a traveler’s main priorities.


A few weeks ago while having a night on the town I was unfortunate enough to slip on some ice while walking that lead to breaking my ankle.  Fractured Fibula & sprain on some ligaments of the inner part of my ankle was the result.

I required surgery, so will divulge what to expect in terms of experience and costs.  I’ll also discuss some tips if you ever find yourself in a similar situation and how my school handled it.

**Dollar examples used are all rough estimations in CAD**

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How to Balance your Goals & Fear

Confliction of goals & fear..

I feel I’ve always lived a conflicting life.  Perhaps that’s just what comes with the territory of having diverse interests.  Whether it’s my rubber arm when it comes to the party life – and then overdoing it – but also wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  Or the fact my teenage wardrobe consisted of Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce and Gabbana beside Metal and Punk Rock band tees.  I feel I’ve always been on the extreme ends of the spectrum.  Ain’t no in between.


As a young, but-getting-to-that-age adult – or at least that’s the way I see it – I’m less concerned with a Slayer or designer shirt, and more conflicted over the direction of my future.

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A Taste of Polyamory

A taste of something new..

Earlier last year after arriving in Korea I had a taste of a lifestyle I had been curious of for a time now.  Polyamory.


Polyamory boasts freedom, limitless love and strengthening of bonds between partners through respect, communication and experience.  The  idea has always intrigued me.


I came across a quote one time that went to the effect of; polyamory isn’t too good to be true, but it is too good to be easy.  


We shall see.


History lesson..

A quick look at my romantic background: I’ve never held a long term relationship – Long term relationships defined as multi-year.  


Rather a long list of shorter term affairs under a year where I’ve come to know a lot of women.  Each one with their different strengths and weaknesses, quirks and shining attributions, dark histories or life experiences.


Does this give me enough experience to vouch on the topic?  Shit, who knows.  My blog though, so onward!

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Credit Cards are like Guns: They Can Help or Hurt

Walking around with a wad of cash used to be real cool

These days it either signals you’re a drug dealer or gives off a vibe similar to that of a guy wearing an unreasonably under sized t shirt.  It’s not the worst, but we can do better.


In regards to the movement of your cash, most of the time there’s more benefit to using credit as opposed to cash.


When I say credit card what’s the first word to come to mind?  DEBT!


That’s what comes to my mind.


I’d wager that’s the word that comes to mind for a lot of people.  Now why would I be advising to start avoiding cash which ‘helps you budget’ and move to credit purchases which ‘can ruin lives with debt’?


Because similar to guns, credit cards can either help you, or break you.. Literally.  It all depends how you use it, in both cases.

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