Why You Should Create Your Own Website

Why you should create your own website..


This is the first article in a series on starting your own website and why you should sell online.  In this article I will by discussing why you need to create your own website. In future posts I will be discussing further topics related to building a website, including but not limited to:

  • What you need to pick a niche
  • How to make your own website
  • Different ways to earn money online
  • How you can start writing website content
  • The secret to increase website traffic

The great thing about this, is as I will be writing this I will be practicing it alongside you. I’ve been blogging for a little while now, and practicing some minor money making strategies, made a bit of cash. But I’ve made the conscious decision that I am ready to take things to the next level.

I will be outlining the actual steps I am taking while I build a few new websites. Implementing various different online money making strategies. One’s that you can use yourself, on your own website.

Before we get into it, let me serenade you with some facts and realities of modern life, and why you should create your own website.

Can I make money online?

The world is changing. Business and life is moving online. In reality I’m pretty late to the party with stating this. For years now people have been making money, making a name for themselves, creating, collaborating and sharing in a much more effective way.


Look at the stocks of two companies. One is Walmart, a traditional brick and mortar mass retailer. They have moved online, but not to the extent of the next company..

create your own website


Amazon. Amazon is a primarily online retailer. And look at that growth.

create your own website with amazon

If that doesn’t paint a picture of the way the world is moving, I’m not sure what will. People have been making money online for probably over 20 years now. You might think that the market is already saturated, but that’s so far from the truth. There are new markets opening up everyday; new trends to jump on – male romper, anyone? New problems to solve – selling fresh air in a can to China! And new markets emerging – Marijuana in Canada is set to legalize in 2018.

You definitely can still make money online. The best part is that it doesn’t take even close to the same financial investment as a traditional, tangible business. Secondly..


Come back soon for the next article, where I will cover how to capitalize on your personal talents and personality, and choosing the perfect niche.

Until then, onwards & upwards!


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How To Go With The flow and Make The Best Of The Situation

Life flows how it wants..

The worst part about vacations – aside from the tedious relaxation, and the horrid, utter lack of commitment or responsibility leaning on you – is coming back to real life and going back to work.  I experienced this again first hand this past week.  I had a bunch of days off last week and went to Busan.  South Korea’s second largest city on the coast.  Sexy beach city.  Think Miami.  Maybe at least.. I’ve never been to Miami.


It was a real eye opener and reminded to focus on building my own future and working for myself.  Both the time off in the beach town and some occurrences in the week following.

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You Need Discipline. You Don’t Need Motivation

A lack of motivation, or discipline?..

Thoughts on discipline

A few weekends ago I ditched the city and headed to one of the most southern points of the Korean peninsula, to a secluded beach with some friends.  It was the first swim and beach day of the year for most of us.  Needless to say we may have overdone it a little.  Drinks were had.



This following week was real slow for me.  I can’t pinpoint whether it was a multi-day hangover that I haven’t had in awhile or just one of those off-times that come now and again.  One of those periods where you just don’t have any motivation,  aren’t overly positive, and feel overall lazy, careless and indifferent.


I’ve lived long enough to know this low points do come – and they soon leave.  They usually follow periods of high performance or productivity, so I don’t overly mind the lack of output that comes with these low points.

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Why I Will Never Worry About Money Again

Sunday dreaming..

I was laying in bed on Sunday morning, doing utterly nothing but sitting there and looking out the window on the sunny day I would not be taking part in due to a hangover and recovering broken ankle.  I don’t know if it’s Korea or I’m just getting older, but the hangovers are horrendous these days.

Anyway, I checked my wallet to see the damage from the previous night.  



I had managed to have a great night out on only $25.  Cheap drinks at the bars, and even cheaper from the convenience stores.  You can drink freely in public in this wondrous land.

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The Power of Writing It Down and Blogging

Start scribbling..

Obviously I’m a fan of writing.  I think I’ve always been.  Ever since high school and university, I always found essay assignments and paragraph questions on exams to be a breeze.  I feel like I’m better able to express myself through pen and paper – or fingers to keys – as opposed to spoken word.


Actually, thinking back now I know that to be true.  That’s why I joined Toastmasters years ago.  You’ve got to balance the strengths and weaknesses.  But I digress.


Besides the enjoyment I get from organizing my thoughts in somewhat clearer ideas, there are evident benefits to moving what’s bouncing around in your head into literature.  When I refer to writing things down, I mean writing a book, articles, blog posts, to-do lists, and whatever other forms of writing you can think of or imagine.

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